Take Microsoft Dynamics ERP Reporting to the Next Level with Analytics

Your Microsoft Dynamics solution has a certain degree of reporting and analytics capabilities built-in, but for many businesses, the complexity and resource intensive process of running these reports can create hesitation to use them. What’s more, it often takes too long to create and run the report to be of any real value. If you need information to make a decision, you need it now.

And getting today’s information 3 days from now isn’t going to help.

To get more out of the rich data your company builds every single day, consider an add-on to your Microsoft Dynamics product that is designed specifically to analyze and report on trends in your business, quickly and easily. At Rand Group, we offer clients both BI360 and Jet Reports as business intelligence solutions.

What is Business Intelligence?

In short, BI, or business intelligence, is a set of related activities that help an organization learn from its data.

Every day, every minute, your business is processing transactions and generating raw data. That data is valuable. When properly organized and analyzed, that data can help you make better, more informed decisions. Business intelligence can also help your company cut costs, identify inefficient business processes and establish new business opportunities.

Overall, business intelligence is a vital and valuable tool for any organization.

And with products such as BI360 and Jet Reports, executives can get started easily and quickly and enjoy the benefits of making decisions backed by facts, without waiting on their IT department to run complex reports.

Both applications work to accelerate your BI functions, and each offers certain benefits over the other, depending on how you intend to use it. When considering which product is best, it’s important to consider that both offer a wide range of tools and features. It really comes down to which solution fits your specific needs.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to business intelligence. You’re already generating all the necessary data to make better, more informed decisions and to help guide your business to higher profits. All your need to do is use that data in a more strategic and impactful way. The first step is transforming the raw data into consumable information you can actually use. With a Business Intelligence solution, it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons.

To access our full report on BI360 vs. Jet Reports, download here.

Want to learn more about business intelligence, and how BI360 and Jet Reports can help you accelerate your business? We’re ready to show you how.

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