The Importance of Consistent Documentation

Do you receive your status reports on time? Do you have trouble finding the section of a scope document you need? Are your training guides confusing? The importance of consistent and clear documentation cannot be understated. Information you receive should be conveyed in a clear, concise, and consistent way so maximum understanding is attained. Without a clear understanding of project details, statuses, or scopes, it is more likely that the project will be held up, or worse, completed in ways that were not a part of your original intent.

Rand Group’s Commitment to Quality

One of Rand Group’s commitments is to deliver top quality in every document we produce. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through professional project reports and training guides. All of our documents, from the beginning of the engagement to end-user training and post Go-Live support, have a common format our clients can recognize. Clients know what to expect through a common structure, voice, and flow of the documentation. This convenience of having a predictable document contributes to ease of reading and understanding. Select sections can be found in seconds and the documents can be quickly scanned and skimmed to find key content. Consistency in and across our documentation contributes to the success of Rand Group’s projects.

Our training guides are used as a model for our clients as they develop their own internal training programs. For example, during one of our Super User Training sessions with a client, their Project Sponsor invited their Head of Training in to witness the session. They gave her one of our User Guides and remarked, “We need to be doing this! Look at how they did it. We can really learn a lot on how to improve our own training.” Rand Group enables effective training through detailed and concise user guides.

Rand Group’s commitment to consistent documentation has enabled us to help transform our client’s operations through successful projects.
Clients can be confident in our consistent deliverables and know that they are getting exactly what they signed up for. Whether you are looking for a new software implementation or support with existing systems, Rand Group can make life simpler with outstanding and dependable project documents. Contact one of our team members today to find out more about our services.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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