The Rand Group Training Track: Perfecting Your Craft

At Rand Group, we work on leading-edge digital transformation projects. To continue thriving in this rapidly changing industry, it is imperative that we maintain our employees’ expertise with new software, methods, and industry standards. This is why we believe in hiring motivated individuals and taking the time to invest in them. With both planned training activities and time set aside for individual training, we make sure to invest in our employees.

Jon Mohr, a manager in our Field Service practice, explained how this worked when he joined Rand Group. Jon came with previous expertise in procurement and project management. To help him prepare to lead technology implementations, Rand Group provided a multi-week training course that developed his understanding of the Microsoft technology stack and allowed him to expand his business expertise.

He explained, “Going through structured training on Rand Group’s methodology and the system allowed me to ensure I would be covering all key areas and producing exceptional work from the first day I would be working with clients.”

We believe regular training and development are key to increasing our consultants’ knowledge and empowering them to progress as professionals. Therefore, we ensure each employee has a development plan that is tailored to their specific job and career path with up to 80 hours of annual training.

Take control of your future and work for a company that places continuing education opportunities at your fingertips. You’ll get to embark on a rewarding career journey that will help you develop your expertise. In addition to our training program, Rand Group provides a host of other benefits in a competitive package:

Compensation & Benefits

  • Objective and comprehensive bonus programs reward your contributions:
    • Production Bonus
    • Travel Bonus
    • Recruiting Referral Bonus
  • New Business Referral bonus
  • 100% company-paid major medical health benefits
  • 100% company-paid dental insurance, life insurance, long term disability, short term disability
  • 401k Plan with match

Work-Life Balance

  • Travel no more than 35%
  • Generous PTO + Bonus PTO at 5, 10 and 15 years of service
  • Annual charity match to a non-profit of your choice

Career Advancement

  • Performance evaluations twice a year
  • 80 hours of annual training
  • Personal Development Plan that is updated annually for career progression

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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