Three Benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Assessment

Over the last several years, we have delivered Implementation Assessments (IAs) for many of our Microsoft Dynamics clients. An IA is a short engagement, generally scheduled over several weeks, to inventory a client’s current Microsoft Dynamics system, whether it be Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, or Dynamics AX.

This effort includes a thorough evaluation of the system configuration, business processes and workflows, as well as additional requirements for future configuration. Having participated in many of these engagements, I have developed a brief list of lasting benefits as a result of this process.

Three Benefits of a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Assessment

Benefit #1: You Get to Know Your System

An IA is essential to anyone who has been using Dynamics for an extended period of time. During the initial Dynamics implementation, users and management are directly involved in the envisioning, design and build phases of the project. After testing, training and deployment, the level of involvement subsides substantially and transitions into managing day to day operations on a new system. Months of collaborative efforts and activities between the partner and the client result into learning how to apply this newly acquired knowledge. Focus understandably shifts to getting back to work.

Engaging in an IA may be a company’s first evaluation of their business system since the initial Dynamics implementation. Much like any other investment, it does not pay to acquire and forget it. You must take care of your investment on a regular basis.

An IA will provide you with a well-documented inventory of your current Dynamics implementation, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the existing modules. It will also document the current system configuration, including hardware and software specifications. In many cases, additional purchases of software may not be required. You may only need to identify where functionality can be added to assist users with daily tasks or fine tune settings on your data server to improve processing times.

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Benefit #2: You Get to Know Your Current Processes

During the initial implementation of Dynamics, business processes were defined and discussed. The system was configured according to the rules at play during that time, but since then in all likelihood, your processes have changed.

Your business model may include new product lines or locations, or your company may have experienced changes in staffing from expansion or attrition. Whatever the reason, those business processes that were originally the backbone of the system design may be irrelevant today.

Frequently, when we meet with a client for an IA, we find initial processes have become obsolete. We identify those areas where system processes could be streamlined to improve efficiencies and we recommend training for both new and seasoned users to refresh their minds with best practices. We identify areas for improvement, both from a process standpoint and a software perspective.

Many modules that automate daily functions are not implemented during the initial implementation of a project and are saved for post-implementation development. An IA identifies these opportunities for you. We categorize and prioritize issues and recommendations for change so you can implement them according to your timelines with a definitive plan.

Benefit #3: You Get to Know Us

Although both of the benefits above are critical to helping you use technology for business success, the most beneficial aspect of engaging in an Implementation Assessment is getting to know us, your partner. Whether we are your Dynamics implementation partner or if you are new to Rand Group, all efforts in this engagement will serve to establish and foster the foundation for a successful partnership. Our goal is a long-term relationship with you to help you consistently achieve your business objectives.

Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in a diverse range of industries. We understand your Microsoft Solution, and we remain current on new productivity tools and applications in order to maximize the value of your investment. This knowledge is used to formulate the IA deliverable, which provides a roadmap for your immediate and future needs.
An Implementation Assessment requires a commitment on the both the client and partner side. It is an investment worth making to help mitigate risk, improve revenue streams, and control costs by maximizing the benefits of your Microsoft Dynamics Solution.

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