NetSuite Release 2017.1

Top 5 New Features in NetSuite Release 2017.1

Twice a year, NetSuite rolls out a major release to all its customers. As a cloud-based solution, you never have to worry about cumbersome upgrade projects that require data migration and downtime. Instead, it all happens behind the scenes.

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NetSuite Release 2017.1 recently started its deployment cycle in April. As it is customary, NetSuite makes available the Release Notes, a very detailed document listing all the new features, or enhancements included in the roll-out. After reviewing this document, we have pulled out the top 5 most valuable features for companies currently using NetSuite, and for companies considering NetSuite.

Top 5 Features in Release 2017.1:

  1. Vendor Dashboard

    One of the best kept secrets in NetSuite is the Customer Dashboard. Release 2017.1 includes the much-expected functionality of Vendor Dashboards, allowing Purchasing and AP departments to finally share in this very cool feature. The Vendor Dashboard can be personalized, and includes several portlets. And speaking of the Customer Dashboard, 2017.1 includes improvements to that one as well.

  2. Advanced Intercompany Journal Entries

    This is a very valuable enhancement because it can save a lot of time in the long run. Previous to 2017.1, an Intercompany Journal Entry could only have 1 “FROM” subsidiary and 1 “TO” subsidiary, which could be quite limiting if you wanted to allocate costs from 1 subsidiary to multiple other subsidiaries. In that case, you had to do multiple transactions. With this new feature (and new transaction type), you can select 1 FROM subsidiary and multiple TO subsidiaries.

  3. Support for Time-Off Management + Time Rejection Note

    These 2 features made the list because they are essential to those of you in the Professional Services industry. Before 2017.1, approved Time-Off was not taken into account when calculating Planned Time Entries. Now, any approved Time-Off is considered when calculating Project Plans. The other feature is Time Rejection Note. You could already Reject Time Entries, but now your employees know why you are doing so, bringing the power of information to your fingertips.

  4. Advanced PDF + Saved Searches

    We recently worked with a company who had been using an ERP system that required a developer to create a report. In the demo, we created a Saved Search report on the fly in NetSuite. But up until 2017.1, printing a Saved Search result left a lot to be desired. Now, with the combination of Advanced PDF functionality and Saved Searches, the output of a Saved Search can be customized, and actually presented in a business meeting or to a 3rd party. This was a much needed feature, and many users will be very happy to take advantage of it.

  5. Undelivered Emails Saved Search

    Gone are the days of not knowing if an email sent out of NetSuite was delivered. Seems like a small feature but it’s important. 2017.1 includes a new Saved Search that helps NetSuite users analyze email deliverability problems. The results show information logged for undelivered email messages and details reasons to help you troubleshoot them.

Get a Complete Overview of NetSuite Release 2017.1

These highlights are only the tip of the iceberg. For more information on the latest release, we have included a link to watch NetSuite’s 2017 Release 1 Overview Tour as well as a link to a 2017.1 sneak peek. You’ll get to see what some of the newest features actually look like and learn more about what other great enhancements are being released.

NetSuite 2017.1 Overview Tour

NetSuite 2017.1 Sneak Peek

If you have any questions about these latest features, or if you would like to schedule a release upgrade assessment, contact our NetSuite team today!

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