What Does Cloud Mean For Your Business?

Business software has traditionally been available on premise, requiring us to license software, buy servers, and manage our infrastructure internally. Over the last few years this model has transformed to provide software and infrastructure in scale and volume for all sized businesses. This model is commonly referred to as cloud technology.

Cloud is a creative buzzword used to describe the ability to provide efficient and accessible computing power to businesses and consumers at a low cost. In our latest series of Technology for Business Success hosted by Texas Business Radio, we are highlighting cloud technology and why some of the largest organizations in the world are managing very important workloads and applications, like ERP systems and financial data, in the cloud.

In this 2-minute introductory segment, I discuss how far we’ve come with technology, from managing everything ourselves to a world where we essentially plug in and pay our monthly subscription. Watch the video below to learn about the different flavors of cloud technology (public, private, etc.) and the common concerns of moving to the cloud (i.e., security).

Watch Video: Cloud and Your Business

Cloud and Your Business – Rand Group Technology for Success – Texas Business Radio from RREA Media on Vimeo.

Keep an eye out for the next segments of this series on cloud technology, including short videos that highlight specific business technology solutions and how they work, including NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Rand Group helps clients improve their overall business performance through the effective use of technology. To learn more about how cloud can help you more efficiently manage your infrastructure, contact our team today.

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