Why Dynamics AX?

How Microsoft Dynamics AX Strengthens Business

Imagine you are tasked with a project. You are given a team of the best resources in every area. You have the best project managers, the best engineers, a fabulous marketing team, and the top sale professionals in the industry. Your job is to facilitate the project and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Now imagine that none of the people you have working for you speak the same language. Individually, each member of you team is the best in their field, but they are virtually unable to communicate.

This is what it is like for IT professionals who work in organizations that use a multitude of legacy systems by different departments to try to facilitate the operation of a business.

As organizations grow, they frequently have multiple departments that each have their own system for collecting and analyzing information. They use financial software, project software, material planning software (MRP), sales forecasting software, and a long list of other methods for attempting to maintain a profitable business. These “best of breed” software options work great for what they are designed to do, but in a practical business situation, each piece needs to connect to the next.

IT departments are challenged with connecting unrelated systems and are seen as the point of failure when the pieces don’t align. The goal of IT is to be the facilitator of the business and to help operational departments work at optimal efficiency with the best information possible. If they can provide a system in which all data points are connected and all functional areas are working together they can not only provide a functional system but also provide metrics and analysis to allow the company leaders to drive continuous improvement.

Why Microsoft Dynamics AX? – Connection

Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to be a complete end to end business solution — imagine performing your demand planning and having it work together with MRP to drive purchasing and/or production orders!

It works with the sales module to better manage and recognize demand as orders come in, improving procurement and production planning and ensuring that the right products are available at the right time. Inventory is managed and tracked throughout the process using the warehouse module, all the way through to shipment. In the same system, a variety of projects can be managed including monitoring internal costs as well as tracking time and materials for invoicing the customer directly from the project. Fixed assets are tracked from acquisition to depreciation and disposal. Employee expenses are entered through the AX portal which provides an easy to use web interface. AX also has a timesheet and payroll functionality built in so that all of the costs of the organization can be managed in one place, and all modules are directly integrated with the general ledger.

It’s one system, integrated, real-time and accessible, for all your changing business needs.

With legacy systems, all of these features would have to be tracked separately and then combined to provide reports and give indications of the health of an organization. This creates a huge opportunity for errors and omissions, not to mention workflow delays and other business specific risks. With Dynamics AX 2016, your data is fully integrated and comes with over 800 standard reports. AX uses SQL Server Analysis Services to provide OLAP cubes for complete business intelligence, and the role centers provide dashboards for quick access to the most relevant information for each employee.

Overall, Microsoft Dynamics AX allows IT departments to assist the organization in managing data and promoting efficiency. Instead of being labeled as the stopping point in the organizational process, they can deliver the essential information to drive improvement and profitability.

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