Why YOU Should Make the Switch to Office 365

Do you know the famous slogan from Southwest Airlines? – “You are now free to move about the country.”

With a business process twist, you can change that to “You are now free to work with your team for your clients from anywhere in the country…or the world”

  • Why hassle with making sure your email works, remains secure and is accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere in the world?
  • Why waste time on in-person conference meetings and unnecessary travel, when you can collaborate from anywhere in the world and see things, including visual reactions from people, from the comfort of your own office or preferred workplace?
  • Why send attachments to emails to work on documents that end up having several versions, waiting for team members to add/review/make changes to proposals, presentations, and contracts only to find out that the “final” one presented didn’t contain all of the input, or that the presenter grabbed the wrong version, when you can all work on the same continually updated document that contains one version of the truth?
  • Why should one team member working on a Mac, an iPad, or Android device have to use third party tools to open/modify documents you send them that were created on a PC when you can enjoy device agnostic programs and applications?

It’s simply insane. You can eliminate all of these things that happen daily within businesses of every size. Give your users access to world class email with the highest level of uptime, the ability to collaborate via voice, video & screen sharing, the ability to share a link to a document that can be modified in real time by multiple people with live changes taking place including version control, and access to the same commonly used applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook.

You can do this without investing in expensive equipment, or software that is obsolete within 6 months. You can do this as an operating expenditure that scales to meet your needs.

Get back to business, and give your users the ability to work how they want, when they want, where ever they want and do it affordably with a solution that makes it all happen – Office 365.

Learn more about migrating to Office 365.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.

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Matt Woodward

Insight written by Matt Woodward

Vice President, Digital Transformation at Rand Group

Proactive and agile, Matthew Woodward is the Vice President of Cloud Sales at Rand Group, with over 20 years of experience helping small and mid-market businesses launch, transform, and scale their operations through cloud technology. His inspiring background combines over 14 years in leadership at Microsoft Corporation and 6 years in small business development and advisory as President of Piney River Ventures. A strategic leader and intuitive sales consultant, Matthew has a wealth of experience in cloud business model design and development for SaaS and IT Services, go-to-market strategy and execution, as well as financial forecasting on cloud subscription revenues.

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