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The New Way to Do Business: Making it Easier with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

The term “business as usual” simply doesn’t apply in today’s marketplace. Organizations need systems that help their people orchestrate routine tasks and complex processes-all in the course of a day’s work. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 offers capabilities that help people work faster and smarter. This latest release fuels efficient task management and teamwork, simplifies setup and IT administration, and offers built-in tools for meeting specific business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is already well known for rich integration with Microsoft Office system applications-without leaving the ERP solution, users can take full advantage of Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Word. Microsoft is enhancing that connection so that people can quickly create customer and vendor-facing documents using Word forms. They can also send batch and individual e-mail messages for invoices, orders, and check remittances. The result? People get more work done in less time-and the work looks more professional and polished.

There’s more. Teams can now work more efficiently, with precise tracking and accountability, by using new workflow approval processes and improved capabilities for documenting sign-offs. In addition, simplified system access includes default logon settings that can save users valuable time.

Finally, Microsoft paid close attention to client requests for enhancements that improve business efficiency and performance in highly specific areas-including analytical accounting, budget tracking, payables and receivables, payroll, field services, manufacturing, and distribution in a complex marketplace.

Is it time for you to upgrade? Contact Leticia Graham, Director of Client Relations, at to learn more and CLICK HERE to view the top new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

More than 40,000 clients use Microsoft Dynamics GP – And for almost that many reasons.

Why do tens of thousands of clients rely on Microsoft Dynamics GP business management solutions? The reasons are diverse. For many, it’s because it’s backed with years of proven performance, while continually being a leading innovator. Another reason is that it meets the needs of many businesses like yours, with easily customizable solutions that go beyond basic business management and reporting to help people companywide to work faster and smarter. Many more clients are moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP right now because it excels at meeting the business needs that are particularly relevant today, such as turning data into insight, making smarter decisions, and increasing efficiency.

  • Creates insight. From built-in reporting to sophisticated data analysis, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives everyone in an organization access to the information most relevant to their roles, using the Microsoft Office tools they know so well. This can lead to big cost savings, strategic business decisions, and informed, empowered people throughout your organization.
  • Increases efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics GP looks like, and works with, the Microsoft Office applications people already know and use. Easy customization gives your employees the exact information and tools they need to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics GP also connects your people and systems, fueling teamwork, increasing accuracy, and reducing steps for routine tasks – freeing them to focus on what matters most to your company.

More visibility into your people – Less time navigating disparate applications.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can strategically manage your organization’s most important business asset-your employees. Better yet, it gives you visibility into your people, with robust reporting, user query tools, and customized lists that deliver insight into all levels of data, from the pulse of a department down to specific personnel records, without the hassle of standalone applications. Microsoft Dynamics GP also includes more than 220 built-in human resources and payroll (HRP) reports-more than nearly all competitive solutions in the market today-at no additional cost. Plus the Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored interface helps your team access HRP information faster, speed planning, and fuel performance. Role-based, personalized dashboards and key performance indicators are targeted at the specific jobs people do, providing immediate, clear, and controlled visibility into the information that’s specifically important to HRP administrators.

Top Three Reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics GP for integrated HRP administration:

  • Streamline HRP processes and procedures. It helps improve productivity and reduce human error by replacing manual data entry, tracking, and calculations with automated routine tasks.
  • Take control of complex HRP functions. It allows you to maintain precise control over financial and personnel resources.
  • Empower people to make confident decisions about payroll and benefit options. It enables quick and convenient transformation of data into useful information, to help your staff minimize risks and maximize productivity.

It adapts to work styles – Not the other way around.

Just as important as the role-based environment, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers an individualized, task-based user experience and easy customization based on the preferences and work styles of your people. This can mean less training and development time and a quicker return on your investment.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP HRP solution can also adapt to your business environment, integrating easily with your existing systems and human resources practices. And with its robust payroll offerings, it can meet your payroll needs-from salary changes to PTO, garnishments to seasonal employee requirements.

Self-service improves satisfaction – And adds value.

From benefits to open enrollment, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps empower employees to take control of their own information via self-service tools, while reducing costs and increasing the productivity of your HRP staff-a win-win situation for everyone.

CLICK HERE for a brief overview of the HR and Payroll Modules in Dynamics GP.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP Holiday Season User Offer
Now is a great time to expand your ERP solution with the Holiday Season User Offer. For a limited time, existing Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL & NAV clients can purchase additional users for up to 20% off the Microsoft Dynamics list price. The discount is applicable on a minimum of two user licenses and a maximum of 20 user licenses.
Expires: December 20, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Business Ready Licensing Module Offer
Expand the capability of your ERP solution with this special offer. For a limited time, Existing Business Ready Licensing (BRL) clients can purchase a la carte license modules for up to 15% off the Microsoft Dynamics list price. There’s never been a better time to build on your Microsoft Dynamics investment.
Expires: December 20, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics ERP License Model Transition (LMT) Promotion
Existing clients who have licensed Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL or NAV through Module Based Licensing (MBL) can transition to Business Ready Licensing (BRL) for $500 per user. NO minimum transition fee and the maximum transition fee is $25,000. Clients who have between 1-200 users can take advantage of this offer.
Expires: December 20, 2011

Reenrollment Award for Microsoft ERP Clients
Existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP clients having 90 days or less left on their annual Microsoft service plan renewal can receive up to 20% off a qualifying license purchase, add users, purchase new modules/granules or transition to Business Ready Licensing if placed at the same time as the renewal. Discount is based on tenure of client.
Expires: June 28, 2012

Greenshades Software Year End Promotions
Greenshades is currently offering a 25% discount on the Greenshades Center for Federal W2’s and State Package modules and a $250 discount on the Greenshades Center 1099 E-File Module for anyone using their Year-End Forms solution. Bundling these modules together will not only save you time and money, but it will also save some of the stress associated with year-end. They are happy to print, stamp and mail recipient W2’s for just $1 a piece when bundled with one of their E-File modules.
Expires: December 28, 2011

Mekorma Software Special Offer
Mekorma MICR makes managing multiple checking accounts secure and easy, heightens security and adds convenience to your check signing processes. For a limited time, Rand Group clients can purchase MICR software license at 15% off the Mekorma list price.
Expires: December 28, 2011

Interested in any of these offers? Contact Leticia Graham, Director of Client Relations, at today!

Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End Readiness Seminars 2011

Please join us for our annual year end readiness seminar to review year end close processes in Microsoft Dynamics GP which will prepare you for a successful new year. For additional event details, please contact Monica Noriega at

December 8thWeb Session10:00 AM CSTRegister Now
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