July 2011 Construction & Real Estate Newsletter

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FREE Upcoming Webinars from Rand Group

Rand Group is hosting a series of FREE webinars for our clients. Learn how you can maximize your investment and increase your knowledge to quickly solve daily business challenges with Sage Timberline Office.

Be sure to check out our events section, for added webinars.
Upcoming Topics Include:

    • hh2 Web Services Add-On for Timberline – hh2 Remote Payroll & hh2 Field Reports – hh2 Remote Payroll streamlines and automates gathering, approving, and reporting job-cost payroll data from remote job sites while syncing seamlessly with Sage Timberline Office or Sage Timberline Enterprise. Time submission and approvals happen at the click of a button and automated tools make it easy to create labor reports. Join us to learn more on Customizable Timecards, Customizable Approval Paths, Employee Time, and much, much more….

      Are you recording all of your vital daily field information on paper logs? Take advantage of the simplicity and organization that hh2 Field Reports will bring to your field processes. Collect and organize field information with ease and allow searching and reporting anytime, anywhere. Join us to learn more on Exporting to PDF or Excel, Create Custom Forms, Document Safety Concerns, Attach Photos and Digital Voice Recordings, Job Cost and Project Management Reports amongst other topics.

      July 21stWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now


    • Document Management Overview from Rand Group – Document Management is an electronic document classification, storage, retrieval and routing system developed to run directly from within Sage Timberline Office. With Document Management, you’ll quickly experience increased efficiencies through improved storage and document access capabilities. As a result, you will be able to effectively put your hands on information in a matter of seconds rather than hours or days, thus, eliminating the time-consuming “hunt” for misplaced or misfiled documents.
      July 19thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • hh2 Web Services Add-On for Timberline – hh2 Field Services for Timberline Enterprise – With hh2 Field Service, your technicians are always in touch. Your dispatch employees use Sage Timberline Enterprise (STE) to keep all incoming work orders keyed in and scheduled. The moment they save a work order, it is instantly available to technicians in the field. Technicians can use built-in mapping and GPS to choose the most efficient route. They can update trip statuses, notes, tasks and activities on the work order in real-time. Dispatch receives constant updates from the field and can see where all their technicians are on a map in real-time. The entire process is paperless, drastically accelerating the time to invoice.

      Join us to learn more on Real-time sync with Sage Timberline Enterprise, Web interface available for laptops and netbooks, Track current GPS coordinates of technicians, Historical GPS reports available on-demand, Mapping and Directions, Paperless Process, and Mobile App Solutions developed for the iPad.

      July 21stWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


  • Sage Timberline Enterprise Overview from Rand Group – You might have heard about Timberline’s newest suite of software, Sage Timberline Enterprise. The initial release of Enterprise is targeted at service and specialty contractors. Future versions will be targeted at other markets that Timberline addresses, such as General Contractors, Developers, Real Estate, Home Builders and Highway Heavy. Timberline Enterprise is based on .Net and SQL technologies and is meant to position Timberline Enterprise not as a replacement for your existing Timberline Office software, but as a new technology that allows those of you that need a more robust technical solution an alternative and growth path for the future. During this 45 minute webinar we will provide a high level overview of the strengths of Timberline Enterprise.
    July 26thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now

We hope to see you at the conference this week in Washington, DC!

All attendees are eligible for the Sage Summit Promotion during the conference. Attendees are able to save up to 30% on addtional modules or user licenses. This offer will not be available after the conference.

For additional information on the promotion, please contact Kerrie Schupp at kschupp@thewww.randgroup.com or 866.714.8422 for full promotion details and quotes.

July Tips and Tricks

Experiencing issues simiilar to the items below? Check out the solutions. If your problem persists, contact us at 866.714.8615 to assist you!

Issue #1: Is the setup of Sage Timberline Office Desktop different on a terminal server?

Solution: Desktop configuration is operator specific
If you set up Sage Timberline Office on a terminal server separate from the Timberline file server, you need to change how Pervasive logs onto the File Server.

In other cases, no special workflow is required to configure Sage Timberline Office Desktop for terminal services. When an operator starts Sage Timberline Office Desktop, their network login ID is used to determine their Desktop configuration.

The Desktop configuration for each operator is stored in a folder with that operator’s network login ID on the local computer.

Issue #2: Can Sage Timberline security require an operator to change thier password on a regular schedule?

Solution: You cannot currently require scheduled password changes in Sage Timberline Office security
You cannot currently set up Sage Timberline Office security to require an operator to change their password on a regular schedule. An enhancement request was submitted to add this feature.

Issue #3: Does Sage Timberline Office interface with ADP?

Solution: Sage Timberline Office does not interface with ADP
There is no direct link between Sage Timberline Office applications and ADP. You can use Import Time in the Payroll application to process information from ADP, but you must still process, print, and post checks in Payroll to update General Ledger and Job Cost. You can print checks to a file if you do not need to actually print out checks.

Contact us today at 866.714.8422 or Sage Professional Services, at 800-854-0634, for more information.

Issue #4: What version of Crystal Reports is compatible with Sage Timberline Office?

Solution: Crystal Reports compatibility with Sage Timberline Office
Review the following list of compatible versions of Sage Timberline Office and Crystal Reports:

  • Sage Timberline Office 9.6 and 9.7 use Crystal Reports 11.0. You can use Crystal Reports 10.0 to modify your custom reports.
  • Sage Timberline Office 9.5 uses Crystal Reports 11.0. You can use Crystal Reports 9.0 or 10.0 to modify your custom reports.
  • Sage Timberline Office 9.2.x, 9.3.x, and 9.4.x use Crystal Reports 10.0. You can use Crystal Reports 9.0 to modify your custom reports.
  • Sage Timberline Office 9.1.0 through 9.1.4 uses Crystal Reports 9.0.
  • Sage Timberline Office 8.0.0 through 8.3.4 uses Crystal Reports 8.5.

Note: Do not use later versions of Crystal Reports to create or modify reports for prior versions of Sage Timberline Office. For example, do not use Crystal Reports 9.0 to create or modify reports for Sage Timberline Office CD 8.x.

Sage Upcoming Promotions

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Sage Summit July 12-15, 2011 Conference Special – Only available to attendees during the conference.

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Sage Timberline Estimating v11.1

Sage is excited to announce the release of Sage Timberline Estimating v11.1.

Sage Timberline Office Estimating is a completely integrated, single-source estimating solution that provides you with the real-world tools you need to create tighter and more accurate estimates so you can beat out your competition over and over again. It’s simply a better way to estimate. If you are ready to take a closer look at Sage Timberline Estimating, or you’re already one of our many existing Standard or Extended Estimating clients wondering if the new version is right for you, just give us a call today at 866.714.8422.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.