June 2010 Construction & Real Estate Newsletter

Timberline Office Client Update

Thanks to all of you for an overwhelming response to the May complimentary webinar series! Rand Group (Rand Group) received over 120 registrations for this first series and attendance was in the 70% range. Cleary, by your response, you sent us a message loud and clear that this type of education is of value.

Our June complimentary series, “Going Green with Timberline” will be focused on how we can better utilize the tools in our existing software to share information electronically with our teams. Many of you own TimberScan software so we will be focusing on some of the most recent changes that make this an even better tool for scanning, routing and approval of AP invoices. We will also be reviewing techniques that allow us to use Information Assistant, Report Writer, and Excel Integration even more effectively. For estimating clients we will be reviewing takeoff techniques that use digital files instead of paper plans. Last, but certainly not least, we will provide self help sessions that empower you to use the web and other media to obtain support and training services in a more effective manner thereby conserving energy and better utilizing existing resources.

If you have suggestions for future webinar topics, please send them to events@thewww.randgroup.com.

NEW RELEASE: Sage Timberline Office 9.7

Wednesday, June 16th- 9:30AM (CDT)
Wednesday, June 16th- 1:30PM (CDT)
Sage Timberline Office (STO) 9.7 should have arrived in your office in May. The 9.7 version will offer many enhancements and several new features that will help increase productivity in your office by providing everyone on your team with a wide range of automation, workflow and process improvements. Please join our Web session for a quick tour of what Sage Timberline Office Version 9.7 can do to help boost productivity at your office.

Digital Plan Takeoff

Thursday, June 17th-9:30AM(CDT)
Thursday, June 17th-1:30PM(CDT)
Looking for a tool that will not only save thousands of dollars in reprographics cost, but also increase the productivity of your estimating staff, three fold. In addition to the reprographics savings, you are contributing to a “Greener” construction office by using “Electronic” drawings as compared to the paper plans. Most drawings are now available in PDF form, which can be used with the leading take-off tools. This webinar will introduce you to three take-off tools, On-Screen Takeoff by On-Center, PlanSwift and a simple PDF tool called Blue Beam.

This information will be valuable to your Estimating Team, please forward to the appropriate person.

Kill Fewer Trees with Timberline Office

Tuesday,June 22nd-9:30AM(CDT)
Tuesday,June 22nd-1:30PM(CDT)
This webinar will provide “Tips and Tricks” on how to produce less paper with your Sage Timberline Office product. It starts with “Print File” management. Timberline print files are a valuable tool, but printing all of them, will destroy the forests of our world quickly. Come hear tips on how to more effectively manage your print file usage. We often find companies printing numerous sheets of paper to only look at a few line items on the reports. Timberline Inquiry is a great tool to assist with the reduction of printed reports. Do you find yourself printing a report and then turning around and entering the data into Excel? Come see how going straight to Excel will help reduce your paper consumption.

Paperless AP Invoice Routing and Approval

Thursday, June 24th-9:30AM (CDT)
Thursday, June 24th-1:30PM (CDT)
When an invoice comes in the door, numerous copies of it are made for routing and filing purposes. Many companies often make three copies of an invoice when it comes in the door, one for the vendor file, one for the job file and one for routing. Take the number of invoices you receive each month and multiply by 3. Then try to quantify the cost of each invoice related to the cost of filing and routing the invoice. This number might be larger than you realize. This webinar will focus on how to reduce the cost of handling your invoices. The reduction of cost will be demonstrated not only by a reduction of “Copy Cost”, but also a reduction in the amount of manpower to get the invoice coded and approved.

Self-Help Tool Kit

Tuesday, June 29th- 9:30AM (CDT)
Tuesday, June 29th-1:30PM (CDT)
This session focuses on “Helping You, Help Yourself”. From the keyboard of your computer, you have access to one of the largest “Electronic Support” systems in the Construction Software industry. Becoming more effective with the use of these “Electronic Support” systems will make you more effective with your use of Timberline Office. Come learn how to use these support systems such as the Timberline Knowledgebase, Timberline’s Anytime Learning, Sage’s Customer Portal and the Timberline Help system. We will share with you a list of other web sites that can be very useful to answer Sage Timberline Office questions. These web sites also offer industry content that you will find is very useful to your organization.

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