May 2010 Construction & Real Estate Newsletter

Timberline Office Client Update

Rand Group (Rand Group), your Sage Timberline Office Business Partner, is pleased to announce the beginning of our monthly webinar series designed to improve your overall knowledge and use of Timberline Office. These complimentary 45 minute webinars will provide you with useful tips, tricks and concepts that you can use in your job every day.

Processing change orders, turning them into invoices and getting those invoices collected faster is a very real issue in these turbulent times. This month’s first series is focused on “Improving Cash Flow and Revenue Generation Opportunities”. We will concentrate on change order processing, improving the AIA billing workflow and how to increase and impact the AR cash collection process.

Next month’s topic will be“Going Green with Sage Timberline Office”. We will be looking at different processes and tools to help you reduce the amount of paper you produce and move towards a paperless office.

If you have suggestions for future webinar topics, please send them to

NEW RELEASE: Sage Timberline Office 9.7

Tuesday, May 11th – 9:30AM (CDT)
Tuesday, May 11th – 1:30PM (CDT)
Sage Timberline Office (STO) 9.7 will be arriving in your office any day. The 9.7 version will offer many enhancements and several new features that will help increase productivity in your office by providing everyone on your team with a wide range of automation, workflow and process improvements. Please join our Web session for a quick tour of what Sage Timberline Office Version 9.7 can do to help boost productivity at your office.

Improve The Progress Billing Workflow Process

Wednesday May 12th – 9:30AM (CDT)
Wednesday May 12th – 1:30PM (CDT)
Learn more about how to streamline your contract billing with Sage Timberline Office. This session will review ways to:

  • Automatically track your billing schedule of values
  • Automatically update amounts for items previously invoiced
  • Efficiently produce the monthly progress billing invoice
  • Automatically update accounts receivable and related applications

This session can lead to more efficient production of monthly invoices which will result in quicker turn around on your cash receipts.

Proactive E-Mail Notification With Business Rules And Alerts

Thursday 13th – 9:30AM (CDT)
Thursday 13th – 1:30PM (CDT)
Specifically designed to work with your Timberline Office, MyAssistant proactively identifies what needs to be done, determines who needs to be informed, and automatically performs the task. MyAssistant uses email to deliver information to the people you want, on your schedule. Join us for this webinar to hear about how a Timberline client is using My Assistant to compress their billing cycle and improve their cash position.

Are Your Project Change Orders Out Of Control?

Tuesday 25th – 9:30AM (CDT)
Tuesday 25th – 1:30PM (CDT)
Sage Timberline Office can help you streamline the change management process in your office. Getting Change Requests in the hands of your up-stream partner is the first and the most critical step in managing your Change Management process. Join this informative web session to learn more about methods to keep projects on track and manage every step of the change order process, leading to increased profitability on your projects.

Increase Cash Flow With AR And Internal Alerts

Thursday 27th – 9:30AM (CDT)
Thursday 27th – 1:30PM (CDT)
In today’s economic climate, managing your cash flow is critical. Sage Timberline Accounts Receivable gives you all the tools you need to stay in touch with clients and on top of receivables to proactively manage your cash position. Are you taking advantage of everything your software has to assist you in managing your customer’s billings and payment status?

Who is Rand Group?

Rand Group is a professional services company providing tailored implementation of software solutions integrating people, processes and technology that mitigates business risk, reduces operating costs and enhances revenue streams.
Our Construction and Real Estate team delivers over 75 years of combined expertise in implementing Timberline Office solutions for over 1200 construction and real estate companies in the South Central and overall United States.

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