November / December 2011 Construction & Real Estate Newsletter

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Sage and CFMA Form Educational Partnership

Sage North America, a provider of business management software and services to more than three million small and midsized businesses in Canada and the United States, and the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA), an international professional non-profit association focused on the educational needs of financial professionals in construction, announced that Sage’s Construction and Real Estate (CRE/Timberline) business will partner with the association to deliver quality educational programs to CFMA members and the overall construction industry. The partnership seeks to accelerate the development of timely, relevant educational content fulfilling the specialized learning needs of financial managers working in the construction industry. Please stay tuned to this newsletter for future updates on programs and how Sage and Rand Group will partner with local CFMA chapters to deliver on quality educational experiences.

FREE Upcoming Webinars from Rand Group

Rand Group is hosting a series of FREE webinars for our clients. Learn how you can maximize your investment and increase your knowledge to quickly solve daily business challenges with Sage Timberline Office.

Be sure to check out our events section, for added webinars. Note: All webinars are subject to cancellation if there are no registrants within 24 hours of the start time. Secure your spot today!

Upcoming Topics Include:

    • Core Associates Add-on: Paper Free AP Invoice Routing and Approval Software – Many of our clients are taking advantage of highly efficient and affordable technologies to eliminate the bottle necks of manual AP invoice routing and approvals. Our expert will be on the call to share his broad industry knowledge and how it might benefit your company by:Be Paper Free – Stop the expansion of your file rooms and begin to take that space back for more productive use! No more filing of invoices, no more creation of paper packets for invoice approvers!

      Route Invoices Electronically – Your business rules act as triggers to speed invoices to the correct approvers. Easily determine the workflow for each type of trigger (job, property, vendor, etc.) and invoices will route to the correct approvers with up to the minute reporting on which invoices approvers are holding.

      Electronic Invoice Reporting – Now all employees are on the same page about the where invoice are in the approval process! Reports requested by auditors, bankers, and even reports to support time/material and cost plus billings can be produced in seconds along with the applicable invoice images.

      November 15thWeb Session2:00 PM CSTRegister Now
      December 7thWeb Session2:00 PM CSTRegister Now


    • Innovative Software Add-On: Extend Timberline Office Workflows with MyAssistant – Our clients frequently ask us how other Sage Timberline Office clients are addressing common business needs. For example, how are Timberline Office client…..
      • Going paperless with electronic Direct Deposit pay stubs.
      • Monitoring cash flow, costs, project documents, etc.
      • Auditing the information in Sage Timberline Office to help ensure correct reports.
      • Automate administrative tasks such as creating and distributing reports.

      Many Sage Timberline Office clients use the MyAssistant software to automate the above and many other tasks.

      November 16thWeb Session2:00 PM CSTRegister Now
      December 7thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Rand Group Presents: What’s New in Sage Timberline 9.8? – Join us as Clint Eggleston, from Rand Group, takes us through the exciting new features and discusses the preparation needed for the upgrade.Just a few of the New Features:
      • AP Credit Card Processing and Reconciliation
      • Automatic Journal Saves
      • Human Resources Forms
      • Server Migration Tool
      November 17thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      December 6thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Rand Group Presents: Timberline Desktop Overview – Make It Personal – Sage Timberline Office Desktop is the centerpiece of Sage Timberline Office. From Sage Timberline Office Desktop, you can open Sage Timberline Office applications, third-party applications, files, and web pages. You can also open individual Sage Timberline Office tasks without opening their associated applications, minimizing your keystrokes when locating a favorite report.This session will help you understand the components of the Sage Timberline Office Desktop window, how to start tasks from Sage Timberline Office Desktop and much, much more.
      November 15thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      December 8thWeb Session2:00 PM CSTRegister Now


Schedule Free One on One Learning Sessions

Want to learn more about how to enhance your Timberline software, but have not been able to find a time to attend a free webinar? Now you can contact Kerrie Schupp at to schedule your free 45 minute one on one session on the following topics:

  • Estimating Overview
  • Project Management Overview
  • Document Management Overview
  • Timberline Office Desktop Overview

A One on One session allows you to experience Timberline in a focused setting that allows you and us to address your company’s unique software needs and questions.

Sage Timberline Office – 2011 Fall Release

Sage is excited to announce the Fall 2011 release of Sage Timberline Office.

It’s all about getting your business management software to work harder for you. The key is quicker and easier access to the information you need, so you can make better, well-informed decisions, reduce risk, and improve your bottom line.

Here’s a brief preview of just some of the improvements to expect:

Enhancements supporting:

  • Credit card management (Provides ability to enter and distribute credit card receipts as well as reconcile credit card statements)
  • Workforce management (Over 70 customizable HR forms, prefilled from Payroll, to help new hire, probation and termination documentation requirements)

Performance improvements so you can save time and be more efficient. Some of the areas improved will be:

  • Application and Task startup (across the suite)
  • Closing Report and Inquiry Manager
  • Field Reporting in Project Management
  • Security administration and workstation installation

Usability developments in the following:

  • Live support chat link
  • Integration between Estimating, Project Management and Job Cost
  • Server migration wizard
  • Change Request security (when updating an estimate)
  • Auto-file and page reduction of journals
  • Persisting inquiry file types

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.