President & CEO of Rand Group Named President of the Board of Houston Public Media

As part of their ongoing commitment to Houston Public Media, President & CEO of Rand Group, Ron Rand moves from the Vice President position he held to take over the position of President of the Board, where he will continue to act as an avid supporter, and business advisor.

Houston, Texas October 1, 2013: President & CEO of Rand Group, Ron Rand has been named President of the Board of Houston Public Media, following his 1-year tenure as Vice President. Houston Public Media is a multi-platform group which includes HoustonPBS, KUHF, News 88.8, KUHA Classical 91.7 and their websites, and which provides a significant contribution to the culture and community of Houston. Rand Group has long supported Houston Public Media through things such as corporate sponsorship, advertising, advocacy, and by participating in events such as the Member Drive.

Over the last 10 years, Rand Group has been heavily involved in helping to grow the cultural and educational experiences available to all the citizens of Houston, and have been huge advocates of the programming provided by Houston Public Media. Rand Group strongly believes the entire community benefits when people of all ages have access to the type of quality programming available across the Houston Public Media platform. Through their educational, ad-free and accessible programming, Houston Public Media has the ability to reach the entire community, and provides a free source of classical music, news, and entertainment 365 days a year.

The Association of Community Broadcasting (ACB) is a support organization comprised entirely of volunteers who raise funds for HoustonPBS and Houston Public Radio, while advocating for the groups on local and national levels. The ACB focuses on activities which preserve the financial future of Houston Public Broadcasting, such as fundraising and business development. The ACB Board members also offer contributions in the way of personal gifts, time donation to help resolve business issues and plan, and in serving as public ambassadors.

“Public broadcasting is something I am very dedicated to supporting. I truly believe that to empower people, they must have opportunities to learn and experience the world around them. Houston Public Media gives children and adults access to educational programming and classical music, which can enlighten them. In particular, I like that classical music can be easily accessed by anyone; it’s a medium I believe can resonate with people, and spark reasoning and creativity. I’ve valued my time with the ACB this last year; I am ready to continue my contribution to maintaining and growing the presence of public media in Houston, and further enriching our community,” says Ron Rand, President & CEO of Rand Group.

Ron completed the 2012/2013 year as Vice President of the ACB board, and moves into his role as President for the 2013/2014 year. He intends to hold the Chairman position the following year. Ron is an active participant and supporter of the Houston Humane Society, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Houston, public television station HoustonPBS (KUHT), Houston Public Radio (KUHF), Houston Symphony, Alley Theatre, and the Houston Zoo. As part of his dedication, he is consistently leading Rand Group in their search for new and impactful ways to give back to the community.

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