Rand Group Adds Silver Data Platform Competency to List of Achievements

Houston, TX – Rand Group continues to build momentum as a premier partner in the Microsoft Business Solutions space by adding additional achievements.

Their latest such achievement is the successful completion of the Microsoft Silver Data Platform Competency.

To obtain the competency, partners must demonstrate their ability to meet the changing needs of today’s businesses by completing assessments aimed at testing their level of technology expertise in any one area. This particular competency showcases Rand Group’s expertise in Microsoft SQL. Partners must also prove they have a product or application that has passed the Silver SQL Server BI 2012 Platform Ready assessment, and provide a minimum of three customer references. These references must detail how they have provided solutions related to the implementation of SQL server in the prior 12 month period.

The Silver Data Competency helps Rand Group extend their offerings by increasing their skillset and understanding of database hosting and managed services. As companies grow, their data needs increase and finding a partner that can help manage their needs through innovation and technology becomes increasingly important. Business success relies heavily on the ability to effectively manage information, and to do so in ways that are commensurate with the current technology environment.

“Achieving a Silver Data Platform competency was an easy next step for our group,” says Lorenzo Fife, Director, Infrastructure for Rand Group, “we are heavily focused on helping our clients better succeed in today’s environment, and this competency was a logical addition in order to meet and exceed that goal. As we continue to develop our managed services and cloud offerings, these types of competencies become more and more important to our objectives, and the objectives of our customers.”

Adding the Silver Data Platform Competency increases Rand Group’s ability to offer complete, front to back, technology enablement.


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