Rand Group Contributes Time to Social Venture Partner’s Organization

Houston based Rand Group offered pro-bono website design work to global non-profit organization.

Houston, Texas March 20, 2014: As an organization committed to helping the local community, Rand Group performed a small website project on behalf of the non-profit organization Social Venture Partners.

Social Venture Partners (SVP) required a landing page to help communicate information to one of their local chapters regarding a funding initiative. This page was used to give SVP partners information on a local non-profit that was seeking funding via the SVP model, and gave the partners an opportunity to answer a short survey about their desire to participate in the initiative, and their level of interest and ability to get involved.

SVP is approached by a wide range of possible beneficiaries and works to make smart business decisions about the investment of their partners capital and time. In order for the community to benefit to the fullest extent it is important that members be informed about the potential investees, and that interest be measured before decisions were made. The SVP Partner Engagement Teaser’s allow partners the opportunity to review a snapshot of the potential investee, learn more about their goals and ask and ultimately vote on whether they believe the opportunity is a fit for the organization.

The SVP Opportunities Committee was seeking an improved way of managing the Partner Engagement Teasers, and through common business associates, Rand Group was given the chance to assist.

“As a former SVP Partner, the group is top of mind for me. It’s a resourceful organization that offers business professionals the chance to contribute to their local community through more than just monetary donations. Having a well-established web design practice here at the firm means we can provide organizations like SVP with a functional way to disperse information and manage their opportunities, without a large overhead cost to them. This is another way we can help foster healthy communities for our business and employees,” says George Brown, Senior Vice President at Rand Group.

The contribution of skills is another way Rand Group is able to meet their commitment to giving back to the community.

About Social Venture Partners
SVP builds powerful relationships among people and organizations that are out to make the world a better place. With a network of more than 3000+ engaged donors in 35 cities, we help individuals amplify their giving, fund and strengthen non-profits and equip our communities to tackle our greatest social challenges – together.
Partners in the SVP Network pool their funds and together they make multi-year, unrestricted gifts to carefully vetted non-profit investees with proven potential for social change. Partners also contribute their business and professional expertise to the non-profits, all with the goal of strengthening the non-profit and increasing its impact. Central to this work is the opportunity for Partners to learn about strategic philanthropy so they can make the greatest impact possible with their time, talent and financial investment.

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