Rand Group Names Long Term CRM Director as Vice President and Chief Software Architect in the Firm

As Rand Group continues to grow their practice, they remain dedicated to recognizing and rewarding excellence among their team. Following his significant contributions to the development and success of the firm, Rand Group has named Ivaylo Petrov – previously Director of CRM Implementations – as a Vice President and Chief Software Architect.

Houston, Texas – May 1, 2013 – Houston Based professional services firm Rand Group recently named Ivaylo Petrov as Vice President and Chief Software Architect, based on his continued and outstanding contributions to the firm. Previously the Director of CRM Implementations, Petrov has dedicated a significant amount of his professional career to the development and understanding of business intelligence (BI), Microsoft customer relationship management (CRM) and Microsoft SQL server. Further, he has demonstrated ongoing innovation and leadership for the Rand Group practice, helping drive technical initiatives and mentor staff.

“Mr. Petrov has been integral to the success of Rand Group since he joined us during our inception. This promotion is due and deserved; while he will continue to lead technical delivery for Microsoft CRM, BI, and Microsoft SQL Server here at Rand, he will also provide leadership as we continue to develop our own intellectual property. Further, he will take charge of establishing technical standards across all our technical teams. This career achievement is significant, and I look forward to his continued contributions and leadership of our teams,” says Ron Rand, CEO of Rand Group.

Petrov sees this promotion as an opportunity to continue broadening the services and expertise at Rand Group, to better serve current and future clients. “My work at Rand is important to me. I enjoy the dynamic environment here, both in terms of the interactions I have with our clients, and the technologies we employ to deliver our solutions. This position provides new challenges and rewards, and I’m dedicated to capitalizing on the opportunities it presents. By working toward technical standards and driving initiatives, I’m able to really have an impact on our clients, and our business. I’m looking forward to the future here at Rand Group,” says Petrov of his new role.

As technology continues to advance at breakneck speeds, Rand Group recognizes the need for creative, highly skilled, and dedicated individuals to help the firm retain their proven level of expertise. Petrov possesses the technical acumen and dedication Rand Group needs to help their clients grow and prosper in today’s economy, and the drive to help move the company forward from a technology standpoint.

Ivaylo holds a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston, and is a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Applications Developer, Solution Developer and Technology Specialist, as well as a Microsoft Certified Professional. He is also certified as a Dexterity Developer and a SiteCore Developer, and holds extensive training and accreditations with other Microsoft tools, including Microsoft Dynamics GP and SQL Server.

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