Sales Force Management Consulting and Marketing Automation Company Acquired by Rand Group

As part of their ongoing commitment to growth and business development, Rand Group has acquired a top sales force automation and internet marketing consulting firm to extend its service offerings. This acquisition will affect Rand Group’s clients and prospects, as well as its own operations, effectively adding resources and expertise in the sales force automation and marketing automation software space. This is another example of Rand Group’s tactical business decision making, following their recent acquisition of a leading SharePoint practice.

Houston, Texas – January 23, 2013 – Rand Group announces a strategic acquisition of the outstanding shares of Salesworks Systems Inc. to extend its overall business competencies. With a particular focus on cloud marketing business applications, sales force automation and marketing automation, the acquisition of Salesworks allows Rand Group to continue delivering high return enterprise software projects, while expanding its services to include sales and marketing consulting. Salesworks’ business has historically been predicated on studying buying behaviors, and developing apt solutions to better market and sell to potential customers.

By combining Rand Group’s technical and industry expertise with the marketing, sales force, and cloud computing acumen of the Salesworks team, Rand Group’s clients will gain unparalleled access to a full line of competencies designed to better manage their businesses and more efficiently drive revenue. Salesworks’ modern web marketing expertise not only helps clients improve their overall operational efficiency, but also helps them better identify and capitalize on opportunities, effectively accelerating their growth.

George Brown, President and Founder of Salesworks Systems Inc., elected to join forces with Rand Group following several years of collaboration on projects and an excellent working relationship with the executive team. George joins Rand Group as a Senior Vice President, allowing him to contribute his over 30 years of experience to the organization while it focuses on growing and evolving the business to meet the needs of its clients.

“The decision to join Rand Group was made as part of our overall plan to provide full consultancy around sales force optimization and marketing automation, drawing from our extensive experience with buying behaviours. Salesworks has always been synonymous with customer relationship management and driving sales through the use of cutting edge marketing tactics aimed at accelerating the sales process forward. As our business evolved, so did our goals, and joining Rand Group allows us not only to capitalize on the expertise we’ve developed, but also to scale quickly to meet the needs of the changing market place. With the emergence of cloud computing, Rand Group can benefit from our online business expertise while we gain access to technical resources which will help drive our vision,” says George Brown, now Senior Vice President at Rand Group.

Rand Group is now expertly positioned to help clients meet their full potential through an extensive suite of business management and operational services. With a focus on the manufacturing, oil and gas, distribution and construction sectors in Texas, Rand Group provides the resources, expertise and breadth of services to exceed expectations with results.

“By acquiring a team of senior resources like those at Salesworks, we accomplish two things: we benefit our current and future clients through the expansion of our service offerings, while simultaneously adding executive level capacity to our own team, improving our overall business. At Rand Group, we’re focused on expanding the practice and this is a strategic move towards doing that. We’re leveraging our expertise and seeking out resources to ensure there are no gaps in our ability to meet clients’ needs. This acquisition adds capabilities that make Rand a unique and powerful solution provider. As an innovative and visionary company, we strive to be the market leader in the delivery of highly successful, end-to-end business management systems,” says Ron Rand, President & CEO of Rand Group.

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