September 2011 Construction & Real Estate Newsletter

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Positioning Your Construction Business To Survive and Thrive in 2011/2012

Most of our Timberline clients have faced major challenges to the survival of their business over the past three to four years given the challenges in the economy and the significant downturn/depression in the residential and commercial construction industry segments. Those challenges appear to be greater than ever as we head in to the remainder of 2011 and beyond.

You might be surprised, however, to learn that we also have a large number of Timberline clients that are having the best years in their companies history. A common theme among these successful clients is their willingness to change and adapt to the times. Another common theme we have noticed is their desire to improve their business processes and better utilize technology. Many of our clients have changed the markets they serve, increased their footprint geographically, and moved back in to the competitive bid market in addition to negotiated work in order to increase profitable business.

We too have been forced to change our business model and as such are now spending a majority of our time working with those clients that want to re-position their Timberline systems to gain maximum efficiency and benefit from their technology in a manner never before needed. This month we are starting a series of webinars focused on the assessing business process and technology solutions whereby we spend time in your organization reviewing current business processes and interviewing team members as to current needs and requirements of the Timberline system. As a result of this Assessment process we have been able to re-position Timberline to better address the profile of the changed construction organization in order to meet the demands of today’s very competitive market. Please join us as we embark on the Assessment series of free one hour webinars in September.


Tom Cofer
VP Construction/Real Estate Practice

FREE Upcoming Webinars from Rand Group

Rand Group is hosting a series of FREE webinars for our clients. Learn how you can maximize your investment and increase your knowledge to quickly solve daily business challenges with Sage Timberline Office.

Be sure to check out our events section, for added webinars.

Upcoming Topics Include:

    • Rand Group Presents: My Business Has Changed – How Can Timberline Better Serve My Company?
      • Are you a new controller/project manager/estimator?
      • Has your staff turned over due to the economic challenges we are facing?
      • Do you need a procedures manual documenting your important Timberline processes?
      • Are you wondering why Timberline does what it does?
      • Want to understand how you can position Timberline to better address the needs of your business?
      • Do you need a better way to store history?
      • Would you like to reduce your dependency on spreadsheets outside of Timberline?
      • Need to speed up reports?
      • Can we collect payroll and other data at the job site?
      • Want to streamline your Project Managers communication and approval process?
      • Are estimators having trouble keeping up with the # of projects they have to bid to win?

      If you answered yes to any of the questions above, and the prospect of considering any changes to your Timberline system seems overwhelming, consider asking Rand Group to help. We offer an Assessment process designed to document, validate, and analyze your current methodologies against your needs and strategic business plans.

      The Assessment process is conducted in a series of interviews targeting your major pain points. The deliverables include:

      • Documentation of all interviews and current Software configurations
      • Workflow Process deficiencies
      • Recommended configuration adjustments or workflow process changes, with potential ROI
      • A project plan to facilitate the proposed improvements
      September 22ndWeb Session4:00 PM CSTRegister Now
      September 26thWeb Session11:00 AM CSTRegister Now
      October 11thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • hh2 Web Services Add-On – Field Reports & Remote Payroll for Timberlinehh2 Field Reports for Timberline Office:
      Are you recording all of your vital daily field information on paper logs? Take advantage of the simplicity and organization that hh2 Field Reports will bring to your field processes. Collect and organize field information with ease and allow searching and reporting anytime, anywhere.

      • Export to PDF or Excel
      • Create Custom Forms
      • Document Safety Concerns
      • Attach Photos and Digital Voice Recordings
      • Job Cost and Project Management Reports
      • Accessible from any Browser
      • Mobile App Solutions developed for the iPad

      hh2 Remote Payroll for Timberline Office:
      hh2 Remote Payroll streamlines and automates gathering, approving, and reporting job-cost payroll data from remote job sites while syncing seamlessly with Sage Timberline Office or Sage Timberline Enterprise. Time submission and approvals happen at the click of a button and automated tools make it easy to create labor reports.

      • Customizable Timecards
      • Customizable Approval Paths
      • Employee Time
      • Equipment Time
      • Real-Time Reporting and Analysis
      • Accessible from any Browser
      • Mobile App Solutions developed for the iPhone and iPad
      September 20thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      October 6thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • hh2 Web Services Add-On – Field Services for Timberline Enterprise – With hh2 Field Service, your technicians are always in touch. Your dispatch employees use Sage Timberline Enterprise (STE) to keep all incoming work orders keyed in and scheduled. The moment they save a work order, it is instantly available to technicians in the field. Technicians can use built-in mapping and GPS to choose the most efficient route. They can update trip statuses, notes, tasks and activities on the work order in real-time. Dispatch receives constant updates from the field and can see where all their technicians are on a map in real-time. The entire process is paperless, drastically accelerating the time to invoice.
      • Real-time sync with Sage Timberline Enterprise
      • Web interface available for laptops and netbooks
      • Track current GPS coordinates of technicians
      • Historical GPS reports available on-demand
      • Mapping and Directions
      • Paperless Process
      • Accessible from any Browser
      • Mobile App Solutions developed for the iPad
      September 20thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now
      October 27thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Event 1 Software Add-On – Increase Productivity with Excel and Timberline – Dramatically improve how you share and work with your most vital information from within Excel using a real time, integrated connection to your data. Create your report once and refresh your data on demand with Office Connector. Intelligent Excel-based reporting for Sage Timberline Office, offers you advantages you never thought possible.Join us for a free online demonstration. You will learn that Excel, coupled with the Office Connector Product Suite, can transform how quickly and effectively you perform your job.
      • Produce Cash Flow reports that refresh instantly with current information from your Timberline Office database, allowing you to visualize revenue and cost in easy to read tables with eye popping graphs.
      • Create a single summarized worksheet (dashboard) displaying the current status of any of your Timberline Office applications.
      • Work more effectively with your auditors by displaying any Timberline Office information in the product they most desire; Excel.

      Improve any of the reports you currently depend on by creating them faster and with less effort than ever before.

      September 27thWeb Session4:00 PM CSTRegister Now
      October 19thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      October 19thWeb Session4:00 PM CSTRegister Now


    • Core Associates Add-On – Paper Free AP Invoice Routing and Approval Software – Many of our clients are taking advantage of highly efficient and affordable technologies to eliminate the bottle necks of manual AP invoice routing and approvals. Our expert will be on the call to share his broad industry knowledge and how it might benefit your company by:Be Paper Free – Stop the expansion of your file rooms and begin to take that space back for more productive use! No more filing of invoices, no more creation of paper packets for invoice approvers!

      Route Invoices Electronically – Your business rules act as triggers to speed invoices to the correct approvers. Easily determine the workflow for each type of trigger (job, property, vendor, etc.) and invoices will route to the correct approvers with up to the minute reporting on which invoices approvers are holding.

      Electronic Invoice Reporting – Now all employees are on the same page about the where invoice are in the approval process! Reports requested by auditors, bankers, and even reports to support time/material and cost plus billings can be produced in seconds along with the applicable invoice images.

      September 27thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      October 20thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Innovative Software Add-On – Extend Timberline Office Workflows with MyAssistant – Our clients frequently ask us how other Sage Timberline Office clients are addressing common business needs. For example, how are Timberline Office client…..
      • Going paperless with electronic Direct Deposit pay stubs.
      • Monitoring cash flow, costs, project documents, etc.
      • Auditing the information in Sage Timberline Office to help ensure correct reports.
      • Automate administrative tasks such as creating and distributing reports.

      Many Sage Timberline Office clients use the MyAssistant software to automate the above and many other tasks.

      September 29thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      October 13thWeb Session12:30 PM CSTRegister Now
      October 25thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now


    • Anterra Technology Add-On – SQL Replication for SAGE Timberline Office – Join us for a free online webinar that will show you how anterraDataCenter merges an unlimited number of Sage Timberline Office data folders into a single Microsoft SQL data warehouse. This increases the speed of your reports significantly, allows you to report across all of your data folders and lets you archive your data to improve system performance.
      September 29thWeb Session3:00 PM CSTRegister Now


    • Anterra Technology Add-On – SharePoint Dashboards and Scorecards for Construction Companies – Join us for a free online webinar that will show you how business intelligence works. Topics include business intelligence concepts, dashboards, scorecards, drill through reports and an explanation of the underlying technology.We’ll also give an introduction to best practices for business intelligence to help you gain insight into your business operations.
      October 18thWeb Session2:00 PM CSTRegister Now


    • hh2 Web Services Add-On – Human Resources for Timberline – hh2 Human Resources helps keep all your vital employee information in one central location. Reduce the amount of time spent managing HR tasks through a convenient interface that is accessible anywhere, even on your mobile devices. With applications built for the iPhone and iPad, you can bring an extreme efficiency to all your HR processes.
      • Secure Online Human Resource Management
      • Employee Records
      • Enterprise Management
      • Safety Program Management
      • Employment Center
      • Job and Crew Dashboard
      • Accessible from any Browser
      • Mobile App Solutions developed for the iPhone and iPad
      October 18thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Anterra Technology Add-On – SharePoint Dashboards, Scorecards, Document and Contact Management for Real Estate: iPad Ready! – Join us for a free online webinar that will show you how to transform your real estate company with key information anywhere you go. Topics include business intelligence concepts, dashboards, scorecards, drill through real estate reports and financial statements. See how you can access property and tenant documents, photos and contacts on your iPad.
      October 25thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


Sage Upcoming Promotions

Sage 0% Pay-As-You-Grow Financing Offer for New Clients – For a limited time, you can get the Sage Timberline Office applications and user licenses you need to grow and preserve your cash for emergencies or other opportunities with Pay-As-You-Grow!

Get the technology your business needs and the flexibility and affordability you deserve with our Pay-As-You-Grow 24 month, 0% interest financing offer. There’s never been a better time to increase efficiency, maintain your competitive edge, AND keep your cash flow and budgets on target. Offer Expires September 23, 2011.

Save Up To 20% On All Modules & Seats! – The more productive your team, the more profitable your business. And nothing maximizes your team’s efficiency better than supplying them with the functionality they need to do their jobs faster and more effectively!

  • 10% discount when you purchase 2
  • 15% discount when you purchase 3
  • 20% discount when you purchase 4 or more

Discount only applies to additional Sage Timberline Office applications and user licenses. Third party and/or off-schedule applications are not included in this offer. Clients must be on an active support plan at time of purchase. Offer Expires September 30, 2011.

Please contact Kerrie Schupp at or 866.714.8422 for full promotion details and quotes.

Sage Timberline Office – 2011 Fall Release

Sage is excited to announce the Fall 2011 release of Sage Timberline Office.

It’s all about getting your business management software to work harder for you. The key is quicker and easier access to the information you need, so you can make better, well-informed decisions, reduce risk, and improve your bottom line.

Here’s a brief preview of just some of the improvements to expect:

Enhancements supporting:

  • Credit card management (Provides ability to enter and distribute credit card receipts as well as reconcile credit card statements)
  • Workforce management (Over 70 customizable HR forms, prefilled from Payroll, to help new hire, probation and termination documentation requirements)

Performance improvements so you can save time and be more efficient. Some of the areas improved will be:

  • Application and Task startup (across the suite)
  • Closing Report and Inquiry Manager
  • Field Reporting in Project Management
  • Security administration and workstation installation

Usability developments in the following:

  • Live support chat link
  • Integration between Estimating, Project Management and Job Cost
  • Server migration wizard
  • Change Request security (when updating an estimate)
  • Auto-file and page reduction of journals
  • Persisting inquiry file types

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.