Why Are Businesses Moving to the Cloud?

An average cost savings of 20% is just the beginning. Inside look at how small and mid-size businesses are turning to Microsoft’s business cloud solutions to solve everyday issues. Today’s small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) face a tough challenge: They need to provide the same affordable, always-on mobile services that
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Top 5 Cloud Myths, Debunked

Over the last several years, the cloud has become nearly ubiquitous in both business and personal use. Due to the ability to leverage near infinite resources at a fraction of the cost of purchasing on-premise hardware, as well as the benefits of redundancy and scalability, the cloud has gained quick
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The Power of Office 365 and Azure Cloud

The future of business productivity software is in the cloud. The future is now. Learn about the possibilities and opportunities within Microsoft Azure Cloud and Office 365 portals in this collaborative demo.