Business Intelligence for the CEO: Fact or Fiction—What BI Really Means and Its Value to Any Company

While BI technology continues to advance and deliver amazing capabilities, it’s still all about creating experience-based business insight and competitive advantage.

The new technologies rolling out today add tremendous capabilities, but also open the door for the unmanaged growth of irrelevant and conflicting dashboards, spreadsheets and data. This is why starting with the frameworks is so important.

There are “lessons learned” that can be applied today to any business cycle or industry. (See notation guide below for “best practices”). In down cycles, there’s more focus on sustaining the top line, market share, margins, and volume, whereas up cycles tend to focus on growth. To that point, this introductory story is followed by other stories to convey additional scenarios, and give BI more dimension. Then, we will look at the functions of BI, discuss implementation frameworks and end with a few words on platforms and solutions.

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