Inventory Management

Get Rid of your Silent Partner – Prevent Loss in the Warehouse

Distributors buy products and then sell them at a higher cost to generate profits. Any material that is purchased that cannot be sold or used to sell other products is 'lost' material. Lost materials add costs to the distributor and as a result profits are lower and the company looses money. In this whitepaper, expert Jon Schreibfeder, explains the reasons why employing a WMS  will reduce a distributor's cost of inventory control. Some of the key questions answered in this whitepaper are:
  • What are the loss prevention benefits a distributor can gain from using a WMS?
  • How can your business reduce costs on the receiving dock?
  • What are the ways that you can minimize time and material losses associated with order filling activities?
  • How can you improve inventory accuracy in the warehouse so time is not spent looking for lost material?

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