Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Wholesale Distribution White Paper for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

This white paper is intended for midsized companies specializing in wholesale distribution and whose primary operations involve the acquisition, storage, customization, repackaging, and shipment of goods to retailers. It reviews how Microsoft Dynamics® NAV 2009, an adaptable, end-to-end business management solution with built-in wholesale distribution functionality, can integrate business information from across the organization. This can help wholesale distributors increase efficiency, reduce costs and cycle times, and manage operations for improved profitability. After reading this paper you will understand:
  • How improved integration of business information can save time, effort, and money through process automation and optimization of inventories, warehouse layout, and workflows.
  • The importance of integration for gaining insight into processes, product and operational performance, margins, and profitability.
  • Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is an ideal solution to help companies overcome challenges wholesale distributors face today.

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