Experience Success in Your Project

User Experience Design (UX) is about more than the end result; it’s about the overall success of your project.

It’s estimated that 70% of technology projects fail to meet their goals. And neglecting to consider the needs of the end-user early on in the project is a major contributing factor to those failures. This is true for both internal and external projects, ranging from small application developments, through website and intranet design and full scale CRM and ERP implementations. The reality is, the success of any project rests on how the user perceives the solution – does it provide them value and can they use it easily and effectively?

The challenge in user experience design is marrying functionality to form, applying the concept of visual aesthetics to usability, and doing it all seamlessly.

Design for Optimal Results

User experience design is not a standalone concept. It’s the combination of disciplines required to design, develop and deliver a product that the end user wants to use and readily adopts.

UX is more than common sense. While stakeholders in any given project often believe they can make decisions that will benefit the end-user community, it’s difficult for them to balance their business objectives with effective experience design. Despite business stakeholders most often focusing on how to make money, they regularly neglect to consider the ways a proper user experience can facilitate a better return on investment.

UX design isn’t visual design either. It’s more than just aesthetics. User experience includes any and every part of a user’s interaction with a given technology system. Successful UX carefully and skilfully incorporates:

    • UI Personas and Use Cases: don’t just design for “the user” but for specific user personas that help you identify how each type of person would use the product and why.
    • Information Architecture and Site Maps: create intuitive navigation and information flows, and map them in advance for a logical, consistent user experience that leads the user along the path you designed.
    • Wireframing: examine the elements of your user interface design without being distracted by the visual components. This allows you to understand the functionality and ensure the objectives and requirements of the project are met before you move forward.
    • UI Prototyping & UI Mock-Ups: identify user interface design issues, iterate quickly and evaluate your decisions so you have a solid idea of how your final product will function and can address issues in the early stages of your project.
    • Pilot/User Acceptance Testing: utilize a test plan and test your product with a select group of end-users to identify and rectify issues and before rolling out the solution to your entire user community.
    • Training: train the various types of users on the system, including power users, the communications team and end-users.
    • User Adoption: Identify and implement our tried and tested User Adoption Methodology to help guide the roll-out of your system for improved adoption rates and use.


At Rand Group, we are heavily focused on offering user experience design services that will help your organization succeed in any project. We know that without time and effort invested in proper user experience design your project is at risk. You wouldn’t start a project without a project plan, and you shouldn’t develop a solution without a roadmap for how it will be used.

Whitepaper: 6 Critical Factors to Driving SharePoint End-User Adoption

What if you built it and no one came? This may be the biggest fear organizations have when contemplating a SharePoint implementation, and rightly so. A collaboration and communication portal …


Rand Group can guide your user experience and increase user adoption for:

Internal Projects: design, build and launch a SharePoint portal or intranet that your employees will want to use. Streamline forms and templates, find things easier and facilitate the ongoing creation of content.

External Projects: build better websites that attract more customers and retain them. Improve conversion rates and guide users through the experience in a carefully orchestrated manner for maximum impact.

Application Development: develop consistent applications that people want to use, tightly manage your user flows and improve productivity.

When you consider the time, money and capital that go into building a technology solution, it doesn’t make sense to put success at risk by ignoring the fundamental importance of user experience design. Rand Group can help you with every part of the user experience design matrix, and lead you toward a technology project that not only helps drive your business goals, but also empowers the end user.

Set your technology project up for success with expert user experience design with Rand Group.