Everyone Has Data, Not Everyone Has Information

Making good decisions requires a solid business intelligence system. If you are using multiple software programs, it is difficult to access and analyze information in a timely manner in order to get the insight you need to optimize your strategic planning.

The larger your organization, the bigger the risk in using islands of data to align your strategy. Precious time is wasted collecting data from disconnected systems for reports that ultimately may be outdated by the time they’re assembled.

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Rand Group will work with you to tailor a Business Intelligence solution to fit your needs, whether that means fitting you with a new software solution or helping you more effectively use what you already have in place. Integrating and aggregating your data can yield significant cost savings, increased agility in the marketplace, higher margins, and mitigation of previously unrecognized risks.

With meaningful insight your people can better offer your customers the high level of consistent service they demand and make more confident decisions to drive your success.

Increase Profitability & Improve Service Delivery.

Our Business Intelligence solutions help you make better decisions with everyday operational choices, tactical pricing moves, and large-scale strategic decisions regarding your market and potential partnerships.

Watch Real Examples of BI’s Business Value

In April 2015, three of the largest global users of Microsoft Power BI spoke at a worldwide conference about their experience, revealing how Microsoft Power BI provided a deeper, richer, more useful insight into their businesses. Take a look.

Are You Planning Strategically?

Business Intelligence software from Rand Group helps you with:

  • Building Collaboration: Optimize sharing of and access to important business data across work functions, regardless of location or time.
  • Business Analytics: Make the most of your information with automated customer profiles, plus analyses of statistics, inventory and distribution.
  • Financial Management: Budget more effectively with up-to-the-minute data, analyses and deep, easily accessible, insight that enables you to improve your bottom line by better aligning performance to your organizational goals.
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Warehousing

Make the most out of your data with a solution from the experts at Rand Group. Contact Us today to find out how you can improve your strategic decision-making and realize your full market potential.

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