Real-time Business Performance

It’s great to have data, but so often businesses owners spend oodles of time juggling a fistful of results from various software programs, and still don’t have a clear answer to the most basic business question: how are we really doing?

And the larger your organization, the bigger the risk that those islands of data aren’t making up the strategic archipelago you were hoping for.

With Rand Group’s Business Intelligence Dashboards, executives can now get all the information they need in seconds, because it integrates seamlessly with the products you’re already relying on.



Industry-Specific Executive Dashboards:

Every industry is different, and every business within each industry unique as well. This high-level view provides insight into the basic dashboards, which can be tailored to suit your unique needs based on the parameters you set.

The result is significant cost savings, increased agility in the marketplace, higher margins, and the mitigation of previously unrecognized risks.

Click to enlarge one of these BI Dashboard examples.

Dashboarding Tools In SharePoint Power Map Power BI and Social Data Distribution Dashboard DataZen and Mobile Dashboards Retail Dashboard Power Query Example (Azure Marketplace) Manufacturing Dashboard Analytics in Azure (machine learning) Cashflow KPI Dashboard Executive Level Dashboards Org View of Revenue Attainment (Visio services in SharePoint) Operational Dashboards – Process View - Quotes (Vision Services in SharePoint) Operational Dashboard – Process View - Shipping(Visio Services in SharePoint) Operational Dashboard – Process View - Requests Operational Dashboard – Process View – Proposals Tablet BI Dashboard Tablet Marketing BI Dashboard Corporate Mobile Dashboard Mobile Sales KPI Dashboard Sales Business Analytics Revenue by Industry Business Analytics Mobile Social Business Analytics Dashboard Tablet Business Analytics Corporate Performance Management Tablet Marketing KPI Dashboard BI Business Analytics Datazen Dashboard Index Example


Your Critical Business Metrics

All of the KPIs you need at your fingertips, on demand and in real-time.

Rand Group Delivers Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Rand Group built dashboards are one of the most powerful ways for you to obtain greater insight into your business. Rand Group can help you build a platform that delivers precisely the information most useful to you and the future of your business.
Consider just a few of these possibilities:

  • Building Collaboration: Optimize sharing of and access to important business data across work functions, regardless of location or time.
  • Business Analytics: Make the most of your information with automated customer profiles, plus analyses of statistics, inventory and distribution.
  • Financial Management: Budget more effectively with up-to-the-minute data, analyses and deep, easily accessible, insight that enables you to improve your bottom line by better aligning performance to your organizational goals.
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Warehousing

Make the most out of your data with a solution from the experts at Rand Group, one of the top providers of Business Intelligence applications in the US. Contact us today to find out how you can improve your strategic decision-making and realize your full market potential.

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