Are You Meeting Critical Deadlines?

Are you still tracking your sales and managing orders using disconnected spreadsheets? To meet critical deadlines and keep customers coming back, seamless order processing is crucial.

Lacking a comprehensive order processing system, it’s all too easy for orders to fall by the wayside or for important information to get lost, potentially resulting in delays and unsatisfied customers.

Direct Orders for Satisfied Customers.

An Order Management & Processing Solution from Rand Group empowers you to seamlessly manage the entire cycle of order processing, so that you can become more profitable while maximizing customer satisfaction. Your employees will have full visibility of orders from the time they are entered, to the time they are delivered.

Rand Group will deploy an order management database allowing you to monitor product availability and keep every person involved in a sale, in the know, to ensure projects are completed on-time with the highest quality.

“ They have a ton of experience, and when things go sideways, and not IF but WHEN, the Rand Group can help navigate those troubled waters. Something is going to go wrong, so you need to have a Partner on your side. ”

Trevor Clark
Technical Business Analyst

Video: Use Item Availability & Order Promising

Learn how to provide better service by checking the availability of an item during the sales order process and using the order promising feature to ensure that you set the …


We will fit you with a solution to optimize:

  • Customer Relationships
    • Create preferred-pricing levels for your best customers.
    • Promise accurate delivery dates with organized inventory planning.
    • Enhance secure, reliable deliveries with available-to-promise functionality, providing delivery alternatives in case of unexpected interruptions.
  • Workflow
    • Ensure order accuracy with automated order entry, quote to order and order to backorder transfers, fulfillment orders, invoices and returns.
    • Synchronize orders with product availability to ensure realistic production deadlines.
    • Automate routine purchasing tasks and implement a workflow approval process for existing POs over designated purchasing limits.
  • Operations Management
    • Ensure a tailored fit between the order process and the product by defining the manufacturing process to fit your unique operations.
    • Provide greater control over managing orders, receipts, material requirements planning, works in progress and production costing.
    • Focus on core competencies by managing outsourced operations more efficiently.

Take the frustration out of the sales and order tracking process with an Order Management & Processing Solution from Rand Group. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our unbiased software recommendations.

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