Build a Foundation for Success.

Your technology infrastructure powers your business. It enables you to connect with customers, suppliers, and staff; it carries and houses your data, and helps you transfer information. Your infrastructure is the foundation upon which you build success, and it must be solid.

Poorly designed or unplanned infrastructure set-up introduces risk and costs to your organization – risks you can avoid.

Today’s rapidly changing business environment and global economy mean your organization must be agile enough to respond quickly and effectively to changes; because if you can’t, your competitors will. Too often, as a company expands, infrastructure does not get the attention required and only meets the bare minimum in terms of functionality, availability and uptime; and no one ever succeeded using the bare minimum. Systems that are bolted together to meet today’s immediate needs don’t often anticipate the future. This results in a disconnect between infrastructure and demand as your business grows and changes.

When infrastructure is quickly created on an as-needed basis, budgets tend to far exceed their actual benefit, because instead of an integrated end-to-end solution that facilitates a productive user experience, you have disparate systems that actually create work rather than improve productivity and produce business value.

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Let Us Limit Your Risk.

At Rand Group, our team of information architecture specialists and business management professionals can help you evaluate your infrastructure and deliver a solution that is capable, available, and affordable. We start by performing a complete analysis of your current environment, identifying your business needs, and helping you set goals. We then move through the process of evaluating your options so we can offer you clear, unbiased recommendations that work for you.

Our infrastructure management services ensure you receive a complete, fully integrated solution for your infrastructure needs. We focus on:

  • Desktop & Workplace Infrastructure: Get your entire workforce operating at optimal productivity, with limited disruption.
  • Unified Communications & Messaging: Enable your team to communicate effectively, whether they are in the office or in the field. Improve the way you interact with customers and suppliers, and make better decisions.
  • Virtualization: Improve utilization, reduce your costs and be prepared for changes in your organization with our virtualization services. You get a fully optimized data center, which is automated and in the cloud, for a more robust experience. Infrastructure as an operating expense has never been easier.

Innovative Solutions. Unbiased Recommendations.

Whatever your need, Rand Group’s infrastructure management services provide innovative solutions and predictable results. Let us transform your business and reduce your operating budget through our unbiased recommendations; because we always put your business first. Frustration free and no surprises – that’s the Rand Group way.