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IT Assessments, while often feared or dreaded, are a good way to get an additional set of eyes on an environment, often uncovering items that have been overlooked for some time. Having non-bias, neutral feedback and assistance in taking any corrective action is something many companies large and small have taken advantage of in recent years.

A comprehensive IT Assessment can be tailored to your business, regardless of the size. Some smaller assessments may require several hours on site, while others may require several weeks, but the results are the same – providing you full documentation of all observations, as well as recommendations to ensure remaining in compliance, staying up to date with best-practice recommendations, and mitigating risk, improving reliability and user experience.

Rand Group Can Help

An IT Assessment may easier and cheaper to experience than you think. Why not have a conversation with one of Rand Group’s seasoned IT resources to discuss how an IT Assessment could benefit your network.

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