IT Security Audits

Security in today’s virtual world is of vital importance. It’s not uncommon to hear of credit card breaches, corporate data being stolen, and sensitive information being compromised. Often standards will be ignored or overlooked simply because of a change in IT oversight. Security audits take many different forms, and can be intimidating to contemplate, however, consider the risks of not performing a routine audit on some of your security policies. The proactive approach is always better, and always cheaper than dealing with a breach in security, the ramifications of which could have long-lasting or even permanent or terminal affects on a company’s brand, reputation, or resources.

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Company executives may wonder whether an IT audit will improve their bottom line. It may be difficult to put a hard number on the benefits of an IT audit, but often areas of spend are identified that can be significantly reduced or eliminated entirely. This is the case for both growing companies, as well as those positioning themselves in a competitive marketplace in anticipation of increased sales in the future.

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