Business Cloud Storage Solutions

When many think of ‘Cloud’, they perhaps think of big names thrown around like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute Cloud. But storage is a significant part of any cloud platform, and a company can utilize cloud storage without using any additional cloud functionality (such as compute, applications, etc).

Whitepaper: Top 5 Cloud Myths, Debunked

Over the last several years, the cloud has become nearly ubiquitous in both business and personal use. Due to the ability to leverage near infinite resources at a fraction of …

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For a company looking to grow its current on-premise storage, or looking to provide an additional level of resiliency and redundancy in the cloud, considering cloud storage may be the most economical way to expand to meet your storage needs. Contrary to popular belief, cloud storage can be very economical. There are multiple types of cloud storage provided by providers such as Microsoft Azure, including Block storage, File storage, Table and Queue storage, and more. Storage can be as economical as a few dollars per month for dozens or hundreds of GB of storage.

Rand Group has the Solutions

Rand Group is a Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider based out of Houston, Texas. Certified to evaluate your storage requirements, helping you build a solution to allow your business to grow while leveraging cloud storage. If you are already using a cloud storage provider, allow us to evaluate your solution and provide recommendations to reduce expenditures and increase performance and reliability.