Business Storage Area Network (SAN) Services

Storage area networks are increasingly common in small and medium companies to provide a centralized and dedicated block level storage pool or pools. Some benefits of SANs are that they are highly scalable and pools of resources can be centrally managed and allocated, however SANs are expensive to purchase, and maintaining SANs require a specialized skill set.

Historically, data centers were created with disks or islands of SCSI arrays provisioned as direct attached storage, with each array dedicated to an application, visible as virtual drives or “LUNs”. Despite some complexities in multiple systems accessing and sharing data, SANs help increase capacity utilization, by consolidating private storage space onto pooled disk arrays, handing off high-speed block level storage to the hosts.

Although a SAN can be one of the largest investments a SMB makes, often costing several hundred thousand dollars, an improperly configured SAN can render it virtually useless, with performance and reliability problems that can be difficult to troubleshoot.

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Rand Group has extensive experience in building, designing, and supporting/maintaining SAN solutions, including ensuring the SAN is properly configured, the tiers of storage are correctly set up and being used, and troubleshooting connectivity issues, whether iSCSI, Fiber Channel, direct connect, for flash tier (SSD) or spindle storage.