System Center Solutions

Many, if not most small and medium businesses (SMBs) use many Microsoft products – from a Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft Office on the productivity end, and Microsoft Windows Server and Domains on the IT side. One large component of Windows Server is the ‘System Center’ component.

System Center has multiple packages or options, including Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Data Protection Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Orchestrator, Endpoint protection, and more. Each package serves a specific role, and can be invaluable in the hands of an IT department that’s looking to provide the scalability and management options to allow their company to grow.

Rand Group Can Help

Whether it’s facilitating management of a Virtualized environment, or deploying and keeping up with Antivirus and Malware to client computers, consider System Center. Rand Group has expertise in designing, implementing, configuring, and supporting System Center components to provide your IT department with the tools to allow the business to grow.