Your Sales Tactics Are No Longer Effective


The business landscape today looks nothing like it did 10 years ago. In fact, it looks nothing like it did even 3 years ago. Driven by changes in buying behavior, coupled with advancements in technology and the way that Google just seems to have their hand in everything, marketing and selling your products and services keeps getting harder.

And every lead that doesn’t find their way to you, finds their way to your competition.

75% of the B2B buying cycle is done online before the sales team is involved.

Forrester Research

If it seems like the goal posts are always moving, it’s because they are. So how do you keep up? You move along with them. Watch the webinar, “B2B Buying Behaviors Have Changed.”

You Might Be Invisible


Websites today need to be more than online brochures. They need to communicate your message, demonstrate what makes you different, educate your potential customers, and provide a seamless experience that doesn’t frustrate or confuse anyone. And it all needs to happen in less than 5 seconds.

However first, you must be found when buyers are searching for the solutions you offer.

Your website’s primary function should be to act as a 24/7 lead generation machine that delivers qualified leads at the right stage in the buying cycle – but how?

We’ve Cracked the Code


Our Revenue Generation Engine has been developed through years of research, testing and real world experience. We know what it takes to turn a piece of content hosted on the internet into a valuable tool that delivers a steady stream of leads and revenue. We can help you design and launch a website that speaks directly to your potential customers, offers them the right mix of information and drives them toward an action. We can help you nurture prospects that aren’t ready to convert, so that when the time comes to buy, you’re the only place they’ll want to go.


The Revenue Generation Engine:

revenue generation model of internet marketing agencies

Market Smart, Sell Easy


Our integrated, end-to-end marketing solutions will enable your business to grow faster while reducing costs and alleviating the pressure of trying to find new and inventive ways to recycle old, tired traditional web marketing tactics. Our Revenue Generation Methodology not only drives leads to your website, it starts building the relationship from the first click.

And it does so with fewer resources, which means more capital to put back into your growing organization.

Your leads are not only more plentiful, they are further into the buying cycle and have an already established connection with your business, before you even talk to them. And by utilizing multiple touch points, you’ve got more information about each prospect, what they are looking for and what they really need, so the first interaction with them is less about gathering simple information and more about closing the deal.

Mobile friendly
Search Engine Optimization
User interface optimization / site navigation (UI) in light of lead generation
Insight blog posts
Videos & Screencasting
Social Media
LinkedIn Ad development
Twitter/Facebook integration
Email Marketing
Email drip campaigns
Email templates
Branded signatures
Public & Media Relations
Press releases & distribution
Story pitching

Guaranteed Leads, Unbelievable Success


How can we be so sure that this method will work? We’ve tried it ourselves.

A few years ago we were facing our own lead generation challenges. Like most businesses, we focused on making deals through referrals, networking, direct marketing and hard selling. We were expending a ton of energy and resources for every deal, and we knew that in order to drive real growth, we needed more. So we sought help, and eventually purchased a Sales and Marketing firm to help us take a little of our own medicine.

The results speak for themselves:


Read the full case study.

Meet Your Business Growth Objectives
with Measurable, Scalable, Lead Generation


Our marketing solutions are not a one-time investment that claim to fix it and forget it. With the way the world changes, that would never work. Our solutions are designed to show you real metrics, which will allow you to see what’s delivering and what is not. Our online marketing agency’s solutions give you the power to track all costs directly to ROI, so you can make better, more informed decision that perpetually improve the way you do business.

Stop Guessing, Start Winning


From building a strategy through to launching your website, Rand Group can change the way you do business. Our internet marketing services offer you the tactics you need to solidify your brand, retain your clients, and drive leads.

Marketing Strategy

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Start at the beginning, with a carefully built marketing plan that takes your current state and future goals into consideration. Set benchmarks, devise an accurate budget and track toward success.

Brand Identity

Consistency is key and communicating the same message across the board is of the utmost importance. Through client and stakeholder interviews, outside market research and carefully crafted core messaging, we can help you develop your story and tell it, the same way every time.

Online Marketing

Your website and digital tactics are the most important these days. You must be found, you must deliver information and you must ask for the business. It sounds simple, but getting it right takes a lot of careful, concentrated effort. We’ve got experience you can leverage, so you’re not building everything from the ground up.

Don’t Take Our Word for It


We believe that every lead can be yours. We will set you up for infinite success with internet marketing, helping you carefully craft your message and deliver it effectively to the right people. We will help you capture more leads, and stop feeding the competition. All you have to do is be willing to try it our way; but don’t just take our word for it.

We know our successes; we got you here. We also know that simply saying we can help you isn’t as impactful as showing you. We’re proud of all the work we’ve done and we’re not afraid to talk about it all. So if you’re looking for just a little more information to sink your teeth into, we’ve got just the thing you need here in this case study.

You’re Losing Leads – Don’t Waste Any More Time


With 24/7 access to the information highway, every minute spent pondering your next move is a lead you hand to your competition. They might be working harder, but you can drive better results in no time. Get a Sales & Marketing Audit today, so you can see where you are and where you need to go. The longer you wait, the harder the fight.

It’s Not Too Late


It’s time you re-thought how you drive business. It’s time to take some of the pressure off seeking and closing deals. It’s time to put your money into something current, something tangible, and something that will actually help. Stop buying lists and wasting valuable resources on cold leads that don’t amount to much. Take back control of your pipeline and drive actual revenues with a digital marketing solution from Rand Group.

Talk to one of our experts, you can’t afford not to. Get a quote right now.

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