Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Dynamics GP 2015 provides users with easy customizations, deep integrations, native cloud deployment and an abundance of new functionality.


What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Before you buy, learn about enhancements to Microsoft GP 2015 covering foundation, financial, distribution, human resources, business intelligence and web clients.

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It is now evident that these rich Dynamics GP updates will be much more frequent with Microsoft’s announcement it is moving the product to 6-month refresh cycles. Just back in May 2014 GP 2013 R2 was released, and on December 1st 2014 GP 2015 was released.


The Details

  • Service Based Architecture fundamentally changed how solutions integrate into GP. Unlike service models of the past that were limiting and difficult to extend, the new architecture allows for much easier customizations and integrations.
  • Azure, Microsoft’s flexible and open cloud service, is able to natively deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Such deployments are very scalable; being able to accommodate just a few to hundreds of users. Pricing and overall costs are very attractive compared to more traditional approaches along with the usual pluses and minuses of cloud technologies.
  • Business Portal and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 are discontinued in GP 2015 and have been replaced by Apps that replicate the same functionality. The new Web Client provides the same browser-based access, and with even more functionality. Business Analyzer has also been released as a standalone downloadable application in iTunes.
  • 30+ new customer scenario-based features, including multiple Purchase Order Prepayments, simple ETF enhancements, load balancing enhancements, and streamlined asset continuity reporting.
  • Workflow V2 expands this area by adding nine new workflow processes to Dynamics GP 2015, including vendor, project expense, direct deposit, employee skills and training, employee profile, and W4 approvals.
  • Identity Management V2 built on improvements from GP 2013 R2 and fix inconsistencies and limitations that companies experienced using both the web and desktop clients. GP now remembers credentials as often as possible using Windows and Office 365 to reduce the nuisance of authentication.

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A great aspect of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the peace of mind knowing that 47,000 companies currently use it, and that Microsoft has dedicated itself to rapid and continuous updates. Overall, there are some great improvements contained in Dynamics GP 2015 that build on the solid foundation of 2013 R2.