Netsuite Pricing: How Much Does Netsuite Cost?

As one of the largest & most experienced professional services firms implementing Cloud ERP & CRM in North America, the Rand Group specialize in providing our clients with an upfront Total Cost of Ownership as part of the software selection and evaluation process. Our NetSuite clients benefit from our Rand Group methodology delivering software on time, as promised, while balancing TCO with time to value!

Top 5 considerations when calculating total NetSuite pricing:

  • What is the NetSuite ERP & CRM pricing model?
  • What is the cost to implement NetSuite?
  • Understanding the cost for NetSuite user training & support
  • The value of NetSuite partner services
  • A guide to NetSuite module pricing & function

What is the NetSuite ERP & CRM Pricing Model?

NetSuite Pricing & Total Cost of Ownership Explained

NetSuite offers a unique modular approach to subscription licensing for customers by providing licensing designed to provide the right value for your business. This includes modules that have competitive monthly prices for emerging (small) businesses, Midmarket & Enterprise, and by industry such as Wholesale/Distribution, Manufacturing and eCommerce, plus add-ons for expansion such as warehouse management. When licensing NetSuite, you will want to work with a NetSuite Partner to help you with requirements gathering to understand precisely which modules you will need. A basic calculation will help you tally the total amount for each module + the total users to land on your monthly/annual subscription costs. In addition to the NetSuite licensing model costs, you will need to include all the additional costs incurred such as:

  • Implementation & Setup
  • Go-Live Support Cost
  • User Training & Support
  • Customizations, Add-ons & Integrations

These additional costs make up the NetSuite Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for software expenses incurred and are a critical part of the budget, time, and resources required to implement and manage your solution. These additional costs are often ignored and woefully underestimated. The sections below will dive deeper into each of these individual expenses and their impact on your cloud ERP project.

NetSuite Implementation Cost

Affordable, Fixed Cost NetSuite Packages

NetSuite ERP Jump Start Fixed Fee

This rapid setup package is a perfect fit for growing businesses who are limited by QuickBooks and spreadsheets. Save yourself the headache and get up and running in 100 days or less. Your package includes:

  • NetSuite Financials First Provisioning
  • Pre-defined Financial Best Practices
  • Role-based Dashboards & Reporting
  • 35 Hours of Support & Training

SuiteSuccess For Financials 12-36 Month Subscriptions

This implementation package has a pre-defined configuration and will have you up and running in 100 days or less. You’ll get a faster time-to-value with our intelligent-phased, rapid implementation. Your package includes:

  • GP / AR / AP
  • Role-based Dashboards & Reporting
  • Setup & Training
  • Annual Support

SuiteSuccess For Distributors 12-36 Month Subscriptions

With this implementation package, you will get all of the perks of our SuiteSuccess for Financials package plus wholesale distribution functionality. You will reap the benefits of both our financial and our distribution industry experience. Your package will include:

  • Finance
  • Order Management
  • Inventory
  • Operational BI

Likely you are evaluating NetSuite pricing because you are outgrowing your entry level accounting and reporting software package, like QuickBooks, which is painful. The very thing that first attracted your company to an entry level Financial Accounting package – ease-of-use and low total-cost-of-ownership – quickly becomes a hindrance to the performance of your growing business due to the limited functionality within that entry-level software.

While evaluating the cost of NetSuite licensing, it’s important to include the cost of implementation services to get your new system setup and running. To help you maintain focus on what you do best, running your business, Rand Group has created a rapid setup and migration package in conjunction with NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess ERP subscription. It’s a great fit for growing companies, like yours, that need to maintain the agility of entry-level accounting and reporting software, but also allow you to expand without the need to move to another ERP software in the future. No matter how large your company becomes, you won’t outgrow NetSuite’s accounting and reporting software.

NetSuite Pricing: NetSuite Support & Training

Understanding the Cost for NetSuite Users

The difficulties of implementing an ERP extend far beyond the initial implementation. We understand that each user role comes with its unique functions, needs, and challenges, whether its CFO, Controller, Sales Executive, IT Manager, or Administrator. NetSuite SuiteSuccess’s pre-configured roles give each user the tools they need to succeed, but that doesn’t mean it is an easy task to understand how to use them in the right way.

As a Support Partner, Rand Group has a Business Advantage Support program that provides full support beyond implementation. We give you access to local, knowledgeable staff familiar with your system, with full support to ensure your operational success.

Your support includes simplification of your reporting, dashboards, workflows, and processes. as well as ongoing support and training for all your roles. The program is fully tailored to meet your needs, with business, technical, and accounting support options available to you. We give you full visibility into your contract, with flexibility to use hours for any of the services that Rand Group provides.


Tips & Trick’s Training for Users

Create a Non-Inventory Item

Create an Inventory Item

Create a Service Item

Create a Customer

Create a Vendor

Income Statement Reports

NetSuite Small Business Pricing

Faster Time-to-Value with NetSuite SuiteSuccess

As an emerging small business, when considering TCO – including time & budget for new implementations of NetSuite – it’s important to also consider the “time-to-value” cost to start realizing the ROI which, simply put, is “How quickly can you get your new system up and running?”. Long implementation cycles are a drag on production and resources.

Rand Group and NetSuite are solving the industry challenges of long implementation cycles & lack of leveraged best practices with productized domain knowledge, KPIs and an agile approach to product adoption. The benefits of this are faster time to value, increased business efficiency, and greater customer success.

NetSuite Partner Services

Affordable NetSuite ERP Pricing for Setup, Support & Training

As you are evaluating your NetSuite Services options, it is important to consider the value of working with a NetSuite partner who knows your business and has the experience to deliver on our commitments. Rand Group’s experienced, certified consultants have 20+ years building, managing, and supporting end-to-end business management solutions – from back office to front office through a single point of contact. We follow our proprietary, proven methodology which ensures we remain on target, professionally manage change, and deliver to our clients exactly what they signed up for.

  • We deliver software on time as promised.  No surprises!
  • As a Service Consulting firm, we have unique IP for your industry or vertical
  • Real-time support status with Rand Group Support Portal

Gain Complete Visibility of Your Operations with Cloud ERP

As one of the fastest growing financial management software solutions in the world, NetSuite ERP equips you with the tools you need to replace your existing spreadsheets and consolidate your core financial operations in the cloud. NetSuite allows you to eliminate redundant processes and systems and streamline – opening the door to more accurate accounting, billing, and accelerated quote to cash. With built-in business intelligence, you also gain real-time reporting to react faster to changes in the marketplace.

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