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Where’s My Stock?

As a distributor, not knowing the details of your inventory is extremely dangerous. Your stock is your business, and a lack of visibility can create a cascade of issues. From restricted cash flow to lost customers to everything in between, inventory optimization and warehouse visibility are critical to your success.Your warehouse is massive, or maybe even multisite, so tracking inventory takes more than just paper processes. You know there are solutions out there, but you’re also concerned about user adoption across your warehouse staff. You need something that works intuitively, has the functionality you need to truly manage your warehouse and to scales as you grow.

Without warehouse management technology, your business suffers from:

  • Increased labor costs due to redundant staff and poorly organized warehouses
  • Manual processes that constantly expose you to risk
  • Ineffective or inaccurate paperwork that does not follow the flow of goods, leading to:
    • Unrecorded or delayed shipments
    • Mismanaged inventory levels
    • Lost or duplicated orders
    • Reduced cash flow
    • Inventory write-offs
  • Misplaced inventory, which increases the time it takes to pick and pack orders, increasing labor costs and reducing productivity
  • A lack of visibility into inventory levels which leads to:
    • Over-ordering or under-ordering of stock, disrupting your ability to meet the needs of your top clients (who account for ~80% of revenues)
    • A reduced ability to deliver on time, which puts you at risk of breaching an SLA, costing you in fines and frustrated customers
    • Increases shipping fees
  • Recurrent customer dissatisfaction
  • Frustrated staff

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Enable Clear, Manageable Inventory

Our solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, leverages all the logic and multi-lingual support within Advanced Warehousing, and is uniquely configured to your operational situation. Our solution can provide basic to complex warehouse controls, and handle transactions for your purchases, purchase returns, warehouse transfers, internal inventory movements, service orders, sales returns and sales order fulfillment.

Our solution enables:

  • Work assignments by user: simple and easy to use task assignments for each of your workers
  • Item inquires: quickly see all zones/bin assignments for an item – quantity, quantity available, and serial numbers at your fingertips
  • Bin inquires: quickly view the contents of a bin within a warehouse, including serial numbers when appropriate
  • Receipts: expected purchase receipts are easily located and inventory receipts are registered or posted
  • Put-aways: ensure inventory is where you need it to be; put-aways indicate where to find inventory and where to place it, immediately updating bin quantities as the movement is completed
  • Picks: pull inventory for internal use or outbound shipments using the rules established for your zones and bins
  • Shipping: fast and accurate order fulfillment with the option to pack pallets
  • Physical Inventory: streamline the dreaded physical inventory with scanning and real-time updates
  • Inventory adjustments: record inventory increases or decreases within the warehouse
  • Mass movement of bin contents: quickly and easily move the entire contents of one bin to another.
  • Unplanned moves: capture unscheduled moves of inventory as they occur
  • Continuous or single serial number scanning
  • Multiple locations, multiple zones and unlimited bins
  • Quantity and serial tracked inventory
  • Mobile workforces with touch screen Windows devices and integrated scanning support
  • And more….

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Hands on demo of Rand Group's WMS for Microsoft Dynamics

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Rand Group’s WMS Solution Works

Never wonder about the status or location of your inventory again, and enjoy:

  • Higher productivity: when the technology and processes make it easier for your staff to perform their duties, you get higher outputs at a lower cost
  • Reduced Errors and Omissions: easy to use screens designed for mobile devices allow workers to record activity while it happens, eliminating lost paperwork, and the integration with scanning delivers more accurate results overall
  • Greater Customer Satisfaction: effective inventory and processes allow you to better meet customer demands, even under the tightest deadlines

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Targeted Expertise, Better Warehousing

With Rand Group’s WMS solution, you can improve your inventory management, reduce administrative overhead and increase productivity across the board. Our solution is designed to enable each warehouse worker to perform the work of 5 – and that is just smart business. Our superior Dynamics NAV resources can work directly with you to help improve your warehouse and inventory management, without completely reconfiguring your business.

We can deliver a solution that works the way you do and encourages users to improve the performance of their everyday tasks by simply making it easier to do it all.

To learn more about Warehouse Management from Rand Group, talk to our warehouse management expert today. Never ask “where’s my stock” again.

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