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Your business requires support you can trust to keep your systems running optimally. You need to know that when you have complications, someone will be there to help get you back on track as quickly as possible. You need to limit the disruption to your daily operation, while simultaneously working to resolve issues or improve your systems. You need the kind of support that comes from a business with 11 years experience and a list of professional qualifications and know how. You need Business Advantage Support from Rand Group.

Our Support Plans were designed to help you get exactly the kind of support your business demands. Learn why our support exceeds industry standards and how we at Rand Group differ from other support providers here.

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“ Rand Group is the best consulting company I have worked with in twenty years. ”

John Olivier, IT Director at Omni Energy Services (Lafayette, LA) —

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Alayne Kohlman

Alayne Kohlman

Senior Account Executive at Rand Group

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Every business needs an advantage, and Rand Group can provide one for you. Our clients enjoy fast resolutions, pragmatic approaches and above par dedication from our qualified technical and accounting resources. We run with a 90% client satisfaction rate, and we’re ready to help give your business the advantage it needs to compete and win over your competition.

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