Complete End-to-End Support for Your Business

Complete End-to-End Support For Your Business

Investing in a new system for your business doesn’t end at go-live. You have spent the time and money evaluating your requirements and implementing a solution that aligns with your business needs – but now you have to use these systems every day. So, what happens when something stops working or requires an upgrade?

Rand Group is in the business of helping people use technology for operational success. And that means more than just selling you a solution. We provide Business Advantage Support to all clients who understand the value of having an ally in their business.

What is Business Advantage Support?

Rand Group’s Business Advantage Support is a continuous improvement program that provides full support beyond implementation. The program delivers:

  • Access to local, knowledgeable staff familiar with your system
  • Business, technical, and accounting support options beyond your software needs
  • Guaranteed response time and 24/7 support
  • Full visibility into your support contract and system
  • Flexibility to use hours for any of the services Rand Group provides

The Business Advantage Support Program is fully tailored to meet your needs, whether you only want a few hours of support for emergencies or if you want a fully customized plan to manage your infrastructure. Here is a detailed overview of the support services included:

Technical and Applications Support
Comprehensive support for your business software including:
Accounting and Financial Support
Support for your accounting processes and financials needs including:
  • Audit support through PBC assistance
  • Sub-ledger account schedule creation and support
  • Business analysis support through report creation
  • Accounting and reconciliation support
  • Business process automation support
  • Training materials preparation
  • System documentation development for SOX
Client Care Support Portal

The Business Advantage Support Portal is a real-time graphical representation of the status of your support contract, when and where you use your support time, outstanding cases and your full case history.


Online Training Program with CPE Credit
Get more out of the software you already have when your staff learn how to use their systems to their fullest. We offer access to all of our own training material for faster onboarding of staff.
24/7 Support Coverage
Rand Group’s Support Team is fully accessible anytime, with a guaranteed response time to ensure they are available when you need them.
  • Working hours are from 7:00am-7:00pm CST Monday to Friday,with 24/7 coverage available
  • Support Portal is available 24/7
  • Dedicated support number and email-to-case system
  • Dynamics 101 training courses

“ Recently we had an issue with some item costs. The Rand Group support team stayed late the day before Thanksgiving to help us out to make sure we had the solution we needed in place before we went into month end. They had all of the expertise, they had the experience; and it was extremely helpful for us to have them help us through the process. ”

Jeffrey Masters
Corporate Controller

Have Your Business Supported by Platinum Level Experts

Don’t trust your critical support issues to just anyone. Rand Group is among the Top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide. We consistently exceed a 90% client satisfaction rating, and have a 90% client retention record. We have been part of the Microsoft Presidents Club, we are Gold Certified in Microsoft Dynamics, and hold a Silver Data Platform Competency, as well as a Silver Cloud Platform Competency.

Every business needs an advantage and Rand Group can provide one for you. Our clients enjoy fast resolutions, pragmatic approaches, and above par dedication from our qualified technical and accounting resources. Focus on working with a team of professionals who are consistently dedicated to improving your business. Get a quote today.

Inner Circle
Presidents Club

Questions? Ask an Expert.

William Wu

William Wu

Executive Vice President at Rand Group

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