Screencast: Azure Backup & Site Recovery

Azure Backup & Azure Site Recovery Webinar

Microsoft offers a valuable toolset to protect your business from disaster. Check out this 12 minute webinar recording, providing a complete overview of enterprise-grade data protection from Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery from one of our IT experts at Rand Group, Shawn Sailer. Learn what these services are,
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Explaining the Cloud

Need a crash course on cloud computing? Watch this exclusive webinar recording from Rand Group’s Director of Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Lorenzo Fife, and start making sense of the cloud. He covers everything you need to know about the direction, growth, adoption, and distribution of cloud, from key cloud terminology
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Justifying the Cloud to the C-Suite

Whether you’re an IT professional pushing for the cloud or a diligent executive questioning the buzz, it’s time to get serious. Many companies are just trying to ‘weather the storm’ as it were, and the idea of additional spend is hard to justify if not absolutely necessary. Even the necessary
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What is Azure Backup?

Your data and applications are everywhere—on servers, clients, and in the cloud. Traditionally, tape has been used for long-term retention. Backup provides a compelling alternative to tape with significant benefits. Discover why and how Azure Backup is a scalable solution that protects your application data with zero capital investment and
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Time For The Cloud

Time for the Cloud

Although there are sources of sustainable competitive advantage such as economies of scale, trade secrets, and brand, in today’s environment of global hyper-competition, time is an important dimension of competitive strategy. After all, today’s innovation can be tomorrow’s old news. Firms need to reduce cycle times, including time to market—the
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How Technology is Transforming Business Functions

Changing roles: How technology is transforming business functions is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by Microsoft. It explores how the workplace is evolving and the effect technology will have on how people collaborate, form global teams and make decisions across various business functions. Technology has had a profound impact
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