Marucci Sports: A Rand Group Case Study

On the brink of acquiring Victus Sports, Rand Group helped Marucci Sports launch a new company in Dynamics NAV, from design to live working database, in a record 6 weeks.

Up to Bat with a New Financial System in Under 6 Weeks

Acquiring a company with the same vision is a Grand Slam in the Big Leagues of baseball bat manufacturing. For heavy hitter Marucci Sports, Victus Sports was an underdog on the rise, with a new brand of custom wood bats that complemented their own product offering and vision for the future.

Before the acquisition, Marucci discovered that the rising star’s accounting systems had some serious limitations. With no plans to slow down the merger of these two talented companies, Marucci worked with the Rand Group team to find and implement a quick, cost-effective solution to help consolidate financial reporting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Marucci Sports, the #1 Bat in Baseball

In 2004, two former Big Leaguers and their athletic trainer started making handcrafted bats out of a backyard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Today, they have grown to become Marucci Sports, a reputable manufacturer of bats and apparel with multiple warehouses, an online retail store and an indoor batting cage facility.

Known for their high quality, consistency, and craftsmanship, Marucci’s handcrafted bats are used faithfully by Big League baseball players and fans around the world. Their elite baseball and softball products are built based on the advice, testing, and approval of actual baseball players. Because of this commitment to quality, Marucci has grown exponentially, with about half of Big Leaguers swinging either Marucci or Victus bats.

Dynamics NAV, Marucci’s Star Player

Marucci runs their business operations on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With the help of Rand Group, the company first implemented Dynamics NAV in 2014 to better manage their financial requirements. Today, they have a fully-functioning system with advanced warehousing that integrates with their eCommerce platform for seamless ordering, shipping, and accounting.

One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out

Marucci had three big issues to tackle: size, budget, and resources. With only one warehouse and a smaller headcount than Marucci, Victus was considered a small business and typically wouldn’t qualify for a business management solution as complex as Dynamics NAV. Marucci also struggled with finding the resources and budget to allocate to a full software implementation. With these challenges in mind, Marucci approached their trusted technology partner, Rand Group, for a solution to fit their needs.

Finding the Solution Out in Left Field

Faced with an aggressive timeline and limited resources, Rand Group’s talented team of problem solvers recommended setting Victus up as a company with Dynamics NAV’s RapidStart Services. While this is not a typical approach, Marucci had the base company to work off in Dynamics NAV, so Rand Group could configure worksheets to do the preliminary work within Marucci’s system.

This capability enabled Rand Group to launch a new company, from design to live working database, in less than 6 weeks—a project that would usually take over 6 months.

We had a very aggressive timeline, but because we had the experience of the Rand Group team to support us, we were able to do more than any company would have been able to do on their own.

Angela Deas Dunnahoe

VP Operations, Marucci Sports

Project Results

Marucci’s acquisition of Victus Sports was a home run. Victus is currently live with Dynamics NAV, including order entry, integrated website imports, and a web-based production system that uses information provided by Dynamics NAV. What was once three separate points of data entry for Victus is now simplified into one centralized system. Here is what this means for Marucci:

Financial Accuracy

Extending Dynamics NAV has equipped Marucci with timely, reliable financial reports to make more informed decisions

Systems Integration

Marucci now has a fully-aligned solution to integrate with other companies, providing complete operational visibility

Exponential Growth

With a centralized system in place, Marucci can continue to grow and react to opportunities and changing conditions

Technology That Supports the Big Leagues

Rand Group has been supporting the development of Marucci’s technology systems since November 2014. This kind of partnership is truly unique, where both parties believe in quality, attention to detail and consistency.

A true partnership is when you are empowered to be self-sufficient with the technology. There have been scenarios that we couldn’t foresee and Rand Group has been very responsive. They step in when their expertise is needed, but allow us to do things on our own when we can, learning throughout the entire process. The team from Rand Group has always felt part of the Marucci team.

Angela Deas Dunnahoe

VP Operations, Marucci Sports

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.