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“ My company had some MAJOR issues this week with Great Plains. Rand Group's support was extremely helpful. They knew exactly what to do and went over our options. I was a complete basket case thinking that I ruined the whole system and the technician was very calming telling me that we could work through the problem etc. Thank you for everything! ”

Holly Madden

“ This is the best ERP implementation I have ever been associated with. ”

Brian Recatto

“ Recently we had an issue with some item costs. The Rand Group support team stayed late the day before Thanksgiving to help us out to make sure we had the solution we needed in place before we went into month end. They had all of the expertise, they had the experience; and it was extremely helpful for us to have them help us through the process. ”

Jeffrey Masters
Corporate Controller

“ Rand Group works with you, and not the other way around. What is discussed and sold to you is what you receive. ”

Tom Millikin
Director of IT

“ Integrity and accuracy are priorities at Rand Group - they are night and day from other firms. ”

Karla Lopez

“ I feel very fortunate that we have Rand Group leading this implementation for us. They are a great team. ”

Geoff Jones

“ Thank you for all of your extra efforts on our behalf. You clearly care about us and I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Not many people would answer calls on Vacation/Holiday, and trust me I know it! You and your staff members are informed, dependable and conscientious. I strive for Largo to be as good at what we do as Rand Group.   ”

Brandi Wakefield

“ Rand Group is the best consulting company I have worked with in twenty years. ”

John Olivier
IT Director

“ I don’t see Rand Group as consultants, I see them as an extension of my IT department. They are always there when we need them and bring a quality of service and technical sophistication that we so desperately need. Now I can provide quality service to the entire Houston Symphony organization without concern. Rand Group helps me sleep at night. ”

Desmond Robinson
Director Information Technology

“ Rand Group is as good of a consulting organization as I have ever seen. ”

Dennis O’Conner

“ I give Rand Group my highest recommendation which is, they won’t get me in trouble. ”

Brent Staley
VP of IT

“ They have a ton of experience, and when things go sideways, and not IF but WHEN, the Rand Group can help navigate those troubled waters. Something is going to go wrong, so you need to have a Partner on your side. ”

Trevor Clark
Technical Business Analyst

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