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At Rand Group, our solutions are tailored to suit the individual and specific needs of each client and the demands of their industry. Each industry presents its own challenges and opportunities for effective use of technology and we stand firm in our position to help your business meet objectives and better compete in your own individual marketplace.

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We are Accountants, Engineers and Business Experts

As a group of service professionals with accounting, engineering and business management experience, we have both a comprehensive and in depth understanding of key business issues and challenges facing a wide range of industries. Rand Group appreciates and addresses the growing concerns and needs of the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, construction, property management, technology and non-profit sectors. Specific regulatory, accounting, government reporting and environmental requirements present a whole new set of challenges to most industries. This, in addition to a volatile economy and a myriad of investor requests, place difficult obstacles on industry professionals that only technology can help efficiently overcome.

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We Understand the Complexities of Your Industry

Oil and gas operators and non-operators are forced to consider these factors in addition to issues with lease management, revenue data processing, royalties and joint interest and partnership complexities. Rand Group has the experience to design and deploy solutions that address these growing concerns.

Manufacturing has its own unique set of challenges including production concerns in terms of quality, inventory management and regulation, which means manufacturers must improve material and shop control to compete with importers. Increasing efficiency, trimming outsourcing costs and maximizing labor efficiency are all objectives Rand Group can assist your organization with. Gain the necessary visibility into your operations and maximize efficiency.

In wholesale distribution there is a direct link from inventory control to increased profitability. With the help of the Rand Group’s business and software solution expertise, inventory can be moved through all distribution channels, protecting margins and maximizing sell-through.

As a service company ourselves, we understand better than anyone how efficiency in billing and customer relationship management can help build better businesses.

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