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There is a lot more to construction than simply building with bricks and mortar. Meeting your project deadlines and doing so on budget is key to ensuring your business thrives. If you are still relying on multiple software applications, along with disconnected spreadsheets and charts to manage operations, it’s difficult to keep your business sailing smoothly. Without a single source of information tying all aspects of your projects together, it is all too easy to lose track of bids, estimates, timelines, costs and laborers.

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Propel Projects & Move at Optimal Speed

Rand Group customizes comprehensive Construction Business Software solutions that equip you to keep your stakeholders informed and projects moving at optimal speed.

In addition to managing your clients and suppliers, construction accounting software tailored by Rand Group will also handle the needs particular to your industry, with modules including:

  • Construction Cost Estimating Software – automate the entire building process, with a complete view of your entire business, from job costing and payroll to vendors and cash management.
  • Project Collaboration and Management – efficiently access costs, contracts and document information with one central database in order to better stay on top of subcontracts and performance.
  • Project Accounting Software– put proper project controls in place by leveraging a solution designed to handle milestone billings, better capture and associate time and expenses with project tasks and give you a better overall view of your project profitability so you can stop taking on unprofitable work.

Rand Group combines the business acumen of professional accountants and industry specialists with the technology expertise of software developers, database engineers and process improvement specialists. Our teams deliver complete Construction Business Software tailored to your needs.

Today’s business applications must go beyond the hype and deliver tangible, measurable results. Our unique blend of accounting, business process, and technology expertise helps you overcome challenges and generate real return on your application investment.

In a product driven world we still believe relationships, partnerships and service are still what matters most.

A cornerstone of your experience with Rand Group is timely, accurate and professional service. And, unlike many software resellers, the professional who implements your Construction Business Software is the person who sold it to you. What we sell, we deliver.

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Laurie Jimenez

Laurie Jimenez

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consultant at Rand Group

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