Drive Business with Instant Information.

You are looking for integrated financial and operational solutions designed to work the way you do to drive your construction business. Instantaneous access to information is a must, whether you are in the office or on a site.

Rand Group provides Construction Cost Estimating Software that ties your financial and operational solutions together, in a single, comprehensive, job-based accounting system.

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Software that Streamlines your Operations.

Using Construction Cost Estimating Software by Rand Group, contractors and developers will streamline their operations across the board. Get a better view of all the variables that can make or break your jobs: costs, revenue, subcontracts and purchase orders.

A construction accounting system by Rand Group will improve your vision of:

  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
    • Stay on top of the entire payables process, from the time an invoice is received, through approval process, payment selection and check printing.
    • Stay on top of crucial vendor compliance issues with proactive tracking of insurance expiration and renewal dates.
    • Proactively manage receivables with quick and simple receipt processing.
  • Contracts
    • Better manage agreement details with the ability to follow scope of work, status, contacts and billing for each contract and contract item.
    • Track subcontracts and purchase orders to ensure they are accounted for in invoices.
    • Enhance change order management with a complete view of customer information.
  • Procurement
    • Simplify and expose critical project commitments and committed costs via customized workflow processes and approval levels.
  • Human Resource
    • Keep track of critical labor resources needed to staff your projects. Verify employee skill sets align with the needs of your project.

Rand Group’s construction team has over 40 years of industry experience. We understand construction, as much as we understand software. This is a powerful combination that will help you streamline your business processes, without frustration.