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Today’s wholesalers are in pursuit of customer service and organizational efficiency. Leading distributors turn to technology solutions which can provide the edge not only to compete, but also to dominate in an industry where profit margins are constantly being squeezed by an increasingly competitive landscape. No matter the size of the company, precise inventory control and accurate inventory information must be available, any time, all the time. Rand Group understands these challenges facing wholesale distribution and warehouse management companies.

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We Provide Complete Inventory Management and WMS Solutions.

Inventory control is a direct link to increased profitability. By reducing customer walkouts, additional sales are captured and customer satisfaction improves. With a solution from Rand Group, inventory can be moved through all distribution channels, protecting margins and maximizing sell-thru. The system enables supply chain excellence, from the front office through the warehouse. Companies can gain control over customer’s service levels, warehousing costs and order turnaround time. With functionality such as order processing, sales analysis, customer service, application integration, eCommerce and portals, customer relationship management, warehouse logistics, supply chain integration, and strategic business intelligence, Rand Group’s warehouse management system (WMS) solutions integrate these features with complete inventory management capabilities.

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BI360's business analytics solution is now empowering Distribution industry leaders with the data to make strategic decisions with a competitive advantage.

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Rand Group offers customizable Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions for:

  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Chemical Distribution
  • Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail
  • Food Wholesale
  • Electrical Products Wholesale
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Equipment Wholesale
  • Wholesale Distribution

Among the features available with a Rand Group wholesale distribution software solution:

  • Use of radio frequency and barcoding technologies for increased productivity in high volume distribution environments.
  • Inventory control functions to improve inventory accuracy and labor productivity.
  • Reduced cost of distribution management through effective carrier selections and optimization.
  • Access to information for your workforce through integration with portals.

You Can’t Grow Your Business Because Your Working Capital is Tied Up in Slow Moving Inventory

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Sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Rand Group delivers complete supply chain management solutions in:

  • Inventory Management & Control
    • Make better buying decisions with real-time access to inventory levels, anticipated delivery dates and projected demand.
    • Better manage well-used products to prevent shortages.
    • Establish purchasing specifications plus bidder & issue inquiry lists to ensure projects remain on schedule and budget.
  • Inventory Optimization & Planning
    • Predict inventory requirements, minimizing opportunity for shortages and overages using guidelines set by you.
    • Set contingency plans for alternative suppliers.
    • Stay on top of end-of-life components and prepare for replacements accordingly.
  • Order Management & Processing
    • Ensure orders are synchronized with product availability.
    • Reduce bottlenecks in order to cash cycle with improved inventory planning and availability.
    • Improve customer service levels with more accurate order promising.
  • Sales Tax Automation
    • Protect your company from audits
    • Charge the right rates every single time
    • Unravel the nexus question

Exclusive Demo: Advanced Inventory Management in Microsoft Dynamics

A first hand look into how industry leaders are using advanced inventory management solutions to get an edge on their competition. Improve inventory accuracy and labor productivity, reduce management costs, …

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We Provide Professional, Responsive Services.

Current technology makes it possible to gain a strong position as a low-cost supplier and create additional revenue in the form of supply-chain services. Portals provide visibility into product availability and delivery data, increasing the response time and the accuracy of commitments made.

“ Integrity and accuracy are priorities at Rand Group - they are night and day from other firms. ”

Karla Lopez

A solution from Rand Group will give you the insight you need into your distribution business. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how our business management, financial and technology experts can address your distribution challenges.

Not sure what the best WHM solution is for your company? We provide complete software assessment services, which evaluate your current management solution and help you understand the full business impact of making a change. Learn about our ERP assessment services.

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