Do You Trust Your Project’s Budget, Schedule and Reporting?

The EPC industry offers up a stratospheric level of business complexity that keeps CFOs and CEOs awake at night, and for good reason. When you’re designing, building, financing and overseeing the building of bridges and dams, commuter transit lines or even full-scale power plants and LNG projects, it’s vital that you have cashflow visibility, and full project management oversight.

Get Your EPC Cost Management Under Control

Your EPC project likely involves hundreds of employees, many dozens of subcontractors and hundreds of companies with expertise all the way through the supply chains. You need to make sure your projects are on time and on budget because unless everything is done right, your firm will be leaking money. Even worse, a few poorly considered decisions could affect the entire matrix, and cause the project to fail stupendously.

No Time to Mess with Compliance

With high stakes mega construction projects, compliance is critical to your survival. You need to track your certified staff, ensure the company meets its bank compliance requirements, worker safety requirements, and in the case of P3s (Public Private Partnerships), monitor compliance with any and all government regulations.

Bottom line: your clients need to have confidence that every part of the project is not only handled but handled with accuracy and integrity. One slip, and you risk a potential law suit, and bankruptcy.

Cashflow is Critical

As companies work through the planning, design, manufacturing, construction, and operation phase, it’s vital that cash continues to flow.

Getting invoices out in time helps ensure you have that steady flow of cash that you need. This will ensure you meet your commitments – whether that’s supplying construction materials, providing ongoing maintenance or even end-of-life options, depending on the agreements you have in place.

Your Project, and Your Career, Are At Stake

We get it. Rand Group’s ERP systems are designed to manage the largest and most complex projects, so that you can be lock-step with each of your projects with monitoring throughout their full-life cycle.

Your projects are engineering marvels, but without the right software to do the heavy lifting, CEOs and CFOs know they can quickly become productions of nightmarish proportions. There are hundreds upon hundreds of tiny interrelationships that go into EPC projects, and its manufacturing industry equivalent – the Design-Build project.

Some of your challenges likely include:

  • Inefficient job costing processes
  • Expenditure risks due to inconsistent purchasing and/or vendor systems
  • Unwieldy mix of software systems requiring multiple manual reports
  • Complex payroll systems to address union and non-union requirements
  • Onerous processes for executives to obtain critical management data regarding employee profitability or customer management in a timely fashion

EPC Software from Rand Group is the Solution

A best of class Engineering, Procurement and Construction software system from Rand Group, like Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, can enable you to:

  • Qualify potential suppliers
  • Engage in true Project Accounting, for optimal profitability
  • Bid & Estimate on projects with ease
  • Optimize your project procurement
  • Track and monitor equipment and materials through efficient supply-chain management
  • Log performance assets
  • Conduct quality assessment management
  • Conduct quantity surveying
  • Maintain accurate scheduling & Cost Control
  • Plan & Deliver your projects effectively

Designed for P3 specifications

The new global economy also means an increasing number of private companies are choosing to engage with government(s) to build some of these large-scale projects. Governments have their own needs in terms of oversight, and as the private enterprise player in the partnership you will want to ensure your project meets its long-term life-cycle objectives through:

  • Financial modelling
  • Tracking of existing investments
  • Transparent reporting for your partners
  • Monitoring equity participation in infrastructure assets

Stay on target with LEED and Living Building specifications

Not every design-build project is a mega-project. In fact, there are many small footprint projects that are incorporating stringent requirements when it comes to meeting complex sustainability and environmental guidelines. In such cases, you’ll want to provide documented materials that demonstrate your project honors the commitments you’ve made. The right software can help you deliver on your promise by:

  • Customizing LEED or sustainability targets
  • Integrating health and safety requirements
  • Conducting project life cycle tracking and monitoring
  • Streamlining technical and financial audits

No matter where in the world you are, or your project is, you need Enterprise Resource Planning software that gives you confidence that you not only have the big picture, but the full picture.

“ Rand Group is the best consulting company I have worked with in twenty years. ”

John Olivier
IT Director

Keep your EPC Projects on Budget, On Time and Profitable

Rand Group provides industry-wise experts skilled at efficiently guiding complex software implementation projects. Recipients of numerous industry awards, including nine consecutive years on Accounting Today’s VAR 100 list and one of the country’s VAR Stars in 2014, Rand Group will help you get the job done right the first time.

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