What is AX?

What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

The tough decision of how to manage operational processes is something every business owner faces. When you are a small business, you start off with basic bookkeeping requirements where a simple accounting package meets your needs. As you grow, you bring on more customers, more employees, more inventory, more automation
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Cost of Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud vs On-Premise (TCO)

Microsoft Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) product designed to manage operational and administrative business functions for midsized and large enterprises. Growing companies choose to invest in Dynamics AX because it not only offers complete functionality to optimize business processes, it provides a solid platform that supports
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What's New with SaaS?

What’s New with SaaS?

It’s been said that by 2020, most aspects of our lives will be connected. We’re talking about the internet of things (IoT), of connecting coffee makers, lamps, ovens, refrigerators, wearable devices, you name it. Back in 2014, Forbes observed that “anything that can be connected, will be connected,” and that’s
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