Collaboration is the New Team Work

These days, most companies face challenges when it comes to working together. From remote location offices and telecommuting, to overtime hours and varying priorities, it is increasingly difficult to get an entire team in the same place at the same time. While project success is often predicated on effective teamwork, the reality is that today’s business environment doesn’t lend itself well to easy collaboration.

More often than not, teams of people are working simultaneously on a single document with a staggering amount of versions. It’s impossible to tell which iteration is the most current, and trying to later merge several versions into one cohesive document can be a massive undertaking on its own. Errors get made, deadlines get missed, and the final product is often less than optimal. When you’re trying to run a professional organization, you can’t afford to let simple mistakes create bad impressions.

Everything doesn’t have to be so disorganized; you have the power to change the way your team works.

Creating Business Value with Collaboration

Today’s global economy is presenting organizations of all sizes with new challenges and organization increasingly need strong, secure networks that extend across their enterprise and beyond, while workers must …

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Let Us Show You How

With SharePoint collaboration software from Rand Group, you create an environment where effective, productive teamwork is the norm. Both internal and external stakeholders can work together without actually physically being together, which improves the overall output.

SharePoint collaboration software is designed to improve your business by:

  • Managing Information: Store and manage all your data in a central repository so it remains under control and fully accessible by all the necessary parties.
  • Reducing Redundancy: Stop duplicating work because you can’t find what you’re looking for or don’t know what version to use; make it searchable and version controlled.
  • Improving Collaboration: Track projects and documents, centralize reporting, and provide a platform that allows any team member to access the document at any time, from anywhere.
  • Controlling Versions: A single working version that everyone can access means no duplicate efforts or cumbersome merging processes, plus you get an audit trail of who had the document last and what changes were made, so reverting or analyzing is easy.
  • Refining Output: When you enable better team work and reduce the margin for error by improving the version control process and eliminating the need to manually merge data, the result is a better end product.

Manage, find, collaborate and control – that’s the SharePoint way. Let Rand Group transform the way your teams work together, so they spend less time worrying about the process and more time creating excellence for your business.

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