Are You Connected?

When it comes to accessing the critical knowledge, applications and resources you need, it’s all about connections.

Without a single, trusted source where your employees can share information, it can be difficult to ensure everyone is on the same page and providing customers with consistent service. Working from different sources opens up the possibility for costly errors.

Great Connections = Consistent Service

Rand Group provides Portal Software Solutions that provide the people in your organization with a single, trusted source to access, control, collaborate on and distribute key business information and data. Using a roles-based format, each employee can easily find information related specifically to their role, while also accessing relevant applications throughout the organization.

By centralizing internal documents, such as proposals and price lists, you can ensure that employees respond consistently to customer questions and requests.

Rand Group can customize your business portal software, optimizing your employees’ control over:

    • Role-Specific Resources
      • Create efficient, personalized points of access.
      • Target audiences and decide how, when and where they use information.
      • Customize summaries of crucial personal information.
    • Business Applications
      • Maintain control over how applications are executed.
      • Streamline development time for customized business applications.
      • Integrate applications from your existing systems with speed.
    • Information & Expertise
      • Easily access Business Intelligence, ensuring informed decisions.
      • Seamlessly integrate web content management into overall portal platforms.
      • Manage site design, publishing and deployment centrally, optimizing consistency.